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Getting Past Overwhelmed: Cultivating Decluttering Habits
People with clutter issues often report feeling overwhelmed—they know where they’d like to end up, but they can’t see a way to get there. At our October 25, 2018, meetup, we’ll examine the thoughts and behaviors that underlie overwhelm. We’ll suggest some better ways to think about clutter problems, and we’ll send you home with a few practical pointers to get unstuck and stay in motion on your organizing goals. As usual, we’ll open the floor to your questions, success stories, and tales of trouble spots. > New to A Healing Collective? Download a flyer with a map and instructions for finding the location. (


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    Any of these situations sound familiar?

    • You’d like to invite the new neighbors over for dinner, but you’ve lost track of the dining room table.

    • You bought a birthday card for your favorite niece, but you can’t find it, so you run to the store to buy another...two days late.

    • You’re ready to get organized, so you buy $100 worth of filing supplies. Before long, the new office supplies are buried under a couple of weeks’ accumulation of junk mail.

    Clutter saps your energy and keeps you from getting what you want. Are you ready to get rid of the clutter in your home or workplace, but you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve made progress, but your decluttering project is stalled?

    Come join us!

    The Houston Clutter Coaching Meetup Group is a community of people who want to conquer their clutter and make more room for the things they love. Come learn tools and tips from an expert, and share your success stories and “ah-hah!” moments. Or just listen to the group discussion and enjoy the support and camaraderie of your fellow declutterers. Professional organizer Gayle Goddard, owner of The Clutter Fairy, will address a variety of organizing-related topics, answer your questions, and moderate the group discussion.

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