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Houston Data Science is a Meetup group founded by Ted Petrou with the primary focus on teaching the fundamentals of python, data science, and machine learning.

Ted is the founder of Dunder Data (https://www.dunderdata.com/), a company dedicated to providing expert data science training.

Get started for free with the Intro to Pandas course (https://www.dunderdata.com/intro-to-pandas) or visit the home page (https://www.dunderdata.com/) to take a live in-person or online class.

Ted is author of the following books:

• Exercise Python (https://www.dunderdata.com/exercise-python)

• Master Data Analysis with Python (https://www.dunderdata.com/master-data-analysis-with-python)

• Master Machine Learning with Python (https://www.dunderdata.com/master-machine-learning-with-python)

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