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This group is for Houston-area persons interested in the 5th Edition of the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing game.

This is an intentionally narrow scope. There are very many different tabletop RPGs to choose from; At least 10% of them are fun to play. A tabletop RPG is most fun when it can be played reasonably often, with continuity of story and/or character. A person interested in playing RPGs only has so much time to devote to it, so would typically need to choose one to focus on at a time.

Dungeons & Dragons is the "flagship" RPG, and is currently in its 5th edition, which is arguably the best edition yet.

Traditionally, a D&D game takes place about once per week, for 2-4 hours at each meeting. Four to six persons generally meet: one Dungeon Master, and three to five players, though larger player groups are common. This meeting place can be someone's home, a library, a gaming shop, a restaurant, or any other agreeable location where six people can sit around a table and talk for 4 hours. For those who cannot meet in person, a tool such as Roll20 will facilitate play.

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