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Fun day with the homeless (Monthly Event) Subject to change due to Astros game!
Come experience the Fun, satisfaction and joy that comes from helping others Before reading the plan please be informed that the parking lot across the street will ticket you $75.00 so it's really not for our use. Street parking is perfect for Sunday's events!!!! THE PLAN Bring $20 worth of supplies from our list Distribute items to our patrons Engage them in conversation to find out their story.. Meet amazing new friends, help our patrons in need, and have fun at the same time!!!! THE LIST 1- Socks (much needed item) 2- Foot and body powder 3- Undergarments 4-T shirts M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL 5- Body wipes ($1 per pack at HEB) 6- Body wash, bar soap 7- Toilet tissue, Kleenex 8- Rain ponchos 9- Deodorant 10- Men's 3 in 1 wash (Most items can be found at Dollar Stores) FOOD AND WATER 1- Canned food (soups and snacks) 2- Dried food (noodle cups) 3- Chips, Doritos, snack packs 4- Case of bottled water Like us on Facebook 😃 Last week Fun day with the homeless (update). ( Join us, its alot of fun to help and be around people of like minds. Requirement • Your time, at-least 30 mins • Your smile Get your workout, network with co-volunteers and understand the mind of the homeless while having fun. Please lets help, yes some of them became homeless due to personal choices they made, but it could have been you or me. Best Regards. For Homeless Women, Getting Their Period Is One Of The Most Difficult Challenges (

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What we're about

A Houston Non-profit Community That Cares About Your Health & Happiness

Who is this Meetup For:

The group is for anyone that wants to live a long and vibrant life and those that want to prevent future health problems by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Note: It's a hobby for us to organize this meetup group. We are Not-for-Profit and not affiliated/associated with any companies, organizations, or individuals with a commercial purpose for health products or service etc.

Fun/Physical Activities, Networking... & Anything for a Balanced Quality and healthy Life in Houston

Healthy Habits + Fun Activities + Happiness + Wellness + Socializing

Some Activities We Are Focused On:

• Volunteering

• Kayaking

• Hang

• Gliding

• White Water Rafting

• Skydiving In/Outdoor Rock

• Climbing

• Eating (Peruvian Cow's Heart anyone?)

• Go-Karting

• Paint balling

• Biking

• Sailing

• Restaurant

• Week Cooking Competitions & Demos Traveling

Fun, Cultivating Healthy life Style Habits, Socializing, Positive life style, being a good neigbour and doing general good in our community

“This is a group for anyone interested in fun activities in Houston as a group or individual. The ultimate goal of this group is to help members cultivate fun, healthy lifestyle habits and great social skills. I started this group because I have always longed to be fit, create healthy habits, have a great social life and have fun. I believe that as a group we can motivate each other and live a long happy and healthy life.

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