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Trafodion: Transactional SQL-on-HBase by Rohit Jain

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Trafodion is 20+ years $250+ million investment in database technology that we have now running on top of HBase and Hadoop. It brings full ACID support, ANSI SQL core 99, plus some 99 packages and 2003 syntax support, and a very sophisticated database engine with one of the best optimizers in the industry, and a data flow pipelined parallel execution engine that can do merge, nested, nested cache, hybrid hash joins with inner and outer child broadcast or repartitioning, etc. to HBase / Hadoop. The product is in public beta and can be downloaded from There is a large amount of functionality that will be added to our production ready release that we plan to release by the end of the year. We already did an Overview presentation on Trafodion at the Bay Area HBase Meetup on July 17th Rohit is coming to us from Austin