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IoT (Internet of Things) is a "super-hot" technology space with significant potential for learning, projects, inventions and fun! This meetup will be both educational and hands-on as we learn from each other about current and evolving hardware, software, sensor and communications technologies, and have the opportunity to see, share and assist with member projects. Each session will have new discoveries, and many of the member projects will prove to be very useful. Who knows -- some great products might emerge from this meetup!

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Doing IoT using Python/JavaScript on MicroControllers (Product Givaway!)

This month we're going to cover developing and running Python (MicroPython) and JavaScript on microcontrollers. Several off-the-shelf offerings exist; enabling you to just plug-n-go. Some inexpensive solutions require loading run-time firmware first. We'll look at several of these, including: * Neonious One (https://www.neonious.com/neoniousOne) running JavaScript (WE ARE GIVING ONE OF THESE AWAY !!! $50 VALUE) * LOLIN D32 PRO (https://wiki.wemos.cc/products:d32:d32_pro) running MicroPython * ESP32 DevKit (https://www.espressif.com/en/products/hardware/esp32-devkitc/resources) running MicroPython More information to follow

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