Open Media Legal Hackathon

Hosted by Houston Legal Hackers

Public group


Throughout the month of October, chapters of Legal Hackers are convening events around the world to enable a broad range of diverse participants to collaborate on generating creative projects, key questions and new ideas. This work will be reviewed and discussed at the capstone Hackathon day on October 27, 2018 at the MIT Media Lab.

Explore and develop creative solutions for ownership/control/exchange of property rights to data and other digital assets from the artist/creator vantage point in the music and media industry context.


Saturday, Oct 13th @ Station Houston
- 10 am Learning track - World United In Song: Fair Trade Music Model by David Levy
- 11 am Discussion track - Property rights, digital assets, and the music/media industry by Jeff Aresty
- 11:30 am Break for Lunch (we have a Salata and a few other great places a block away)
- 12 pm Demo track - Trokt: Complex Collaboration by Chris Draper
- 1 pm Announcements & Closing Remarks: Tubman Hackathon, Internet Identity Workshop, etc.

• What to bring
Laptops, business cards, new ideas & inquisitive minds

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Sponsored by: Institute and PeaceTones

**Please only RSVP if you plan on attending. Three no-shows will result in removal from the group.