What we're about

We are a non-profit organization with the vision of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Our mission is to assist people to build a practical foundation of understanding, compassion, and healing that will lead to a new self-awareness that enables different life choices. We strive to build this foundation in individuals and communities as a whole. We desire to bring families closer together, enrich people’s lives, and ultimately make the world a better place. We hold space where you can rest your heart and have your soul replenished!

Loving Groups

Building conscious relationships, family, and community.

Vision Statement

Develop conscious & loving relationships with ourselves and the community at large

Mission Statement

We build loving community one person at a time

"“Love Awakens hearts and transforms lives"

Why Us?

We are LOVE activists! We are diverse, dynamic, peaceful, and loving!

Loving Groups are a world movement for understanding and acceptance. Join us and be part of the movement! The next evolution of society depends on the revolution of its consciousness!

Free support Groups, Community activities and fun! The calendar has potlucks, movies, hiking and more. Join us for love and fun!

We've experienced deep changes in the way we see and love ourselves, our partners, families, co-workers and friends. There are on-going opportunities to help you deepen your experience of unconditional Love.

Loving Groups are free and open to all. During the weekly, two hour meetings, friends gather together to practice giving and receiving unconditional love while learning practical ways to improve all of our relationships. No prior experience or level of participation is necessary. Love offerings accepted that goes directly to the church/or facility for use of the space.

Meetings are offered at a variety of times throughout the week. Prior registration isn't necessary. Call before going to make sure the meeting is on!

***ALL OF OUR COMMUNITY DOCUMENTS CAN BE FOUND AT http://www.loving-groups.org/google-docs (http://www.loving-groups.org/google-docs***)

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About our Founder/President

Sharon A Winningham is an Unconditional Loving Life Coach (ULLC) who has a private practice teaching and coaching people from all over the world applying the life changing principles of Unconditional Love. Sharon does private one on one coaching, interventions and retreats. Sharon has been coaching, training and facilitating Loving Groups since 2005. Her practice includes personal and group sessions specializing in conflict resolution, marriage, parenting, workplace issues, depression, addictions, dating, anger, and teens. She teaches classes and workshops in all areas of relationships. She is a trained Facilitator for Safe Conversations by Harville Hendrix and is the Director/Founder of Loving-groups.com, Inc., a 501(c) 3 Corp. non-profit. www.Loving-Groups.org (http://www.loving-groups.org/). An expert in the field of unconditional love, she brings years of life experience and a passion that shines through in a very direct and meaningful way.

She is available for one on one sessions in person, by SKYPE or by phone. If you have questions e-mail her at results.roses@cox.net . Please call anytime 602-405-0144

Meet all of our private coaches here: http://www.loving-groups.org/our-coaches

They all will spend a half hour free with you to walk you through all of our support systems available. Feel free to contact them directly.


Sharon and David are the Founders of Loving-Groups.org

Please feel free to call with any questions.

David Clark, ULLC, Director of Operations Loving Groups 602-561-0035

Sharon Winningham, ULLC President of Loving Groups 602-405-0144

We are a happy couple living the principles of unconditional love.


All Groups are run by certified hosts or coaches.

All book studies on the site are approved reading that relates to our happiness, loving relationships and spirituality. If you would like to hold a book study on the site, just email Sharon @ results.roses@cox.net

If you have a special talent that can help the community, please just ask how you can be a part of the community that gives back.


Your local hosts are John Drew 713-864-7464 and Ann Devries 713-299-6296 both are certified hosts with Loving-Groups.org

Your local Social Director and Community leader is Charles McAdams 713-504-7053 charles_mcadams@hotmail.com

If you would like to get involved and host events, contact Charles directly.



The opinions, advice, and counsel provided by Sharon Winningham and the team of ULLC’s/Certified Hosts/Volunteers are not to be used as a substitute for medical attention, diagnosis, or treatment, or for other professional mental health or medical services. Volunteers will not be held liable for the use that anyone might make of the information or advice given.

While all of our coaches/Hosts/Volunteers will always exercise every available resource to help the Clients/Attendees meet their life goals, the Clients/attendees may not achieve these goals during or after private coaching sessions or free groups. The Clients/attendees acknowledge that deciding how to incorporate the advice offered by Our ULLC’s/Hosts/Volunteers and implementing those choices, are exclusively their responsibility. The Clients/attendees take full responsibility for any and all actions resulting from coaching/attending and will not hold their coach/host/volunteer liable for the any failure to achieve his/her personal, professional, spiritual, or any other form of life goals.

Upcoming events (5+)


UnityHouston Welcome Center or chapel

SINGLES Unity’s Singles Ministry is committed to bringing quality events and programming to all single adults in our church. Our focus is on social gatherings, community service, and spiritual deepening. Sunday Lunches We have a rotating schedule of restaurants for you to plan Sunday Lunches. Lunch follows the 11:00 AM service, around 12:30 pm. All restaurants are in Houston, TX. First Sunday: Fuzzy’s Pizza, 8914 Westheimer Road Second Sunday: Pappasito’s, 6445 Richmond Avenue Third Sunday: Luby’s, 1743 Post Oak Blvd Fourth Sunday: Thai Spice, 2520 S. Voss Road Fifth Sunday: Abdallah’s, 3939 Hillcroft Avenue We welcome your assistance and ideas related to any of the singles activities. If you are interested in participating in the Singles Ministry, have ideas for Singles events, want more information on upcoming events or to volunteer to support our programs, please contact Rev. Michael Gott at[masked] or email him at [masked] or John Drew at[masked]

“Kindred Minds & Hearts” Summer Education Series: The Three Faces of God

“Kindred Minds & Hearts” Summer Education Series: The Three Faces of God SUNDAY, JUNE 24 @ 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM | UNITY OF HOUSTON – PYRAMID Expand your spiritual horizons! In our summer workshop series. Unity of Houston will be going beyond our Unity teachings to explore spiritual paths that are kindred to Unity. Join us for the first of this four-part series: The Three Faces of God. The entire series includes the following workshops: JUNE 24 “The Three Faces of God” Taught by Rev. Michael Gott and Rev. Karen Tudor Based on the work of Rev. Paul Smith. Jesus talked about God beyond him. He talked to God beside him. He talked as God being him. Incredibly, he invites us to experience God beyond us, God beside us, and God being us, too! Are you ready? PURCHASE TICKETS for “The Three Faces of God” – $25 PURCHASE A TICKET BUNDLE for all four workshops – $90 JULY 8 An Afternoon with A Course in Miracles Taught by John Harold Moore Come spend a joy and love-filled afternoon with this profound, mystical teaching. We will explore how it came to be, what it says, and how you can apply its principles to create miracles in your own life. You will leave in a miracle state of mind whether you are brand new to the Course or a long-time student! PURCHASE TICKETS for “An Afternoon with A Course in Miracles” – $25 PURCHASE A TICKET BUNDLE for all four workshops – $90 JULY 22 The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Communication to Those You Love! Taught by Cindy Cline and Ed Green This class outlines five ways to express and experience love that Dr. Gary Chapman calls “Love Languages”: receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmations, acts of service (devotion) and physical touch. According to Chapman, each person has one primary and one secondary love language. Come find out your love language and learn how to relate to others in their love language. PURCHASE TICKETS for “The Five Love Languages” – $25 PURCHASE A TICKET BUNDLE for all four workshops – $90 AUGUST 5 Kundalini Yoga and Unity – A Kindred Practice of Oneness Taught by Satmitar K. Khalsa and Mary Fehr Join us for this informative introduction to Kundalini Yoga. Learn what it is, how it differs from other forms of yoga, and how it aligns with Unity teachings. In this session you will learn about the history and purpose of Kundalini Yoga, how it can benefit you, and what a typical class involves as it blends movement, breath, meditation, and mantra. During this session, we will demystify Kundalini Yoga and show how it connects us to our Higher selves and Oneness consciousness. You will also have an opportunity to participate in a Kundalini Yoga meditation. PURCHASE TICKETS for “Kundalini Yoga and Unity” – $25 PURCHASE A TICKET BUNDLE for all four workshops – $90

Coed Loving Support Group, Zoom in at The Connection, Sharon Winningham Host

Zoom From your own computer or phone

This is a Co-ed Group Men and Women are welcome! Two hour meetings, friends gather together to practice giving and receiving unconditional love while learning practical ways to improve all of our relationships. No prior experience or level of participation is necessary. This is a drop in, no charge, no participation required experience. The host is trained in facilitating the group based on Unconditional Loving principles. Vision for our Loving Groups: “We gather to awaken hearts to unconditional Love and to transform lives.” Your Host: Sharon Winningham[masked] Please feel free to join our meeting: We use zoom so you will have to have it downloaded on your computer. Our meeting id is this link: https://zoom.us/j/3701532452 You can participate or just observe. You will meet many community members this way. Or enter the meeting by Phone **If you have no way to make it to a computer, you can still call into the meeting. The numbers you can dial in to for the US ZOOM is: [masked] [masked] Hosted by Sharon Winningham, ULLC[masked] To donate to Loving-groups.com, Inc 501 (c) 3 please hit the donate button here: http://www.loving-groups.com/non-profit-donate You can find all our resources at www.loving.groups.org or [masked]

Conference Call ~ Rachelle, Host-In-Training, Host

From your own phone!

Loving Groups Hosts conduct several FREE conference calls each week. You'll find these calls enormously helpful as you learn and implement the principles of unconditional love. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other people who are learning to find and share free support. These calls are especially helpful for those people who do not have a Loving Groups in their area. • Phone Number • Phone: (605)[masked] Code:[masked]# Hosted by Rachelle (Host-In-Training)

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Conference Call ~ Tom Harry, CH, Host

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