What we're about

This group is for open-minded men, ages 18 - 49 interested in exploring healthy, nurturing and intimate male-to-male touch.

Your sexual orientation, preference or curiosity is not a consideration for joining us. Straight, Bisexual, Gay or somewhere in between, you are welcome.

This group will provide a safe and non-judgmental environment to learn, explore and create intimate male connections through touch, meditation and discussion. The majority of our group activities will be done in the nude, which promotes:

• healthy self body awareness

• fewer inhibitions

• greater intimacy through consensual touch

Our focus is on healthy, intimate and sensual male-to-male touch. We will explore and engage in many forms of closeness while being together in the nude:

• Self entire-body touch

• Mutual/partner exchange of touch

• Non-yoga light body stretching both for self and partner

• Breath-work and learning to relax our bodies and minds

• Self and partner guided relaxation and meditation

• Massage exchange - 1 on 1 or group massage

• Partner or group closeness and cuddling

• Many other forms of close, intimate, sensual male to male contact

We will explore true and personal intimacy between men, and in doing so we will expand our intimacy in all the relationships in our lives. Beginning with a safe place and mutual respect, we gradually lower our barriers and increase our vulnerability with each other and learn to trust our feelings. We learn that we all crave healthy touch and need it for our physical, mental and spiritual balance.

We come to understand that we can bring pleasure to our own bodies or to that of another man through intimate, sensual touch that does not transform into a sexual energy or release. Understanding that we can experience and bring pleasure, through our bodies, without the pressure or expectations of sex and just enjoy the feelings in our entire body bring a sense of inner peace and profound well-being that can only come from a shared human, male-to-male contact. We begin to re-think and re-wire our minds to differentiate sensual from sexual, intimacy from fear and pleasure from complication or guilt.

Respect, openness, learned vulnerability and non-judgement are the foundation of joining this group. We work together to dispel homophobia, hetero phobia, self-phobia, guilt, shame, fear, expectation and others preconception (forced upon us) of what it means to be a healthy sexual male - who requires intimacy and touch in his life to be a more whole and content man.

Our meetings that involve discussion are open to all aspects of male sexuality and the pressures of the world on us to be the kind of men others think we should be. Many of us don't have a friend, partner or anyone to talk about guy stuff:

• Locker room etiquette. Do you take off your towel or hide behind it to change? Is it OK or "normal" to check out another guys junk without it being gay or inappropriate.

• How we dress, act, behave. Is it ok to hug a male friend in public? Do you need to sit with an empty seat between you at a movie to "prove you're straight?"

• Body hair, pubic hair, facial hair - what do you like, what don't you like.

• What are your desires and fears in seeking stronger male relationships in your life, whatever type of relationships they may be?

** The majority of these actives will be done in the nude. Without our clothes on, we become more aware of our bodies and our male sexuality and learn to be more comfortable with ourselves and the other men of the group. Being nude expands our capacity to be intimate through touch and learn that healthy male leaders to deeper acceptance of ourselves and stronger connections with other men.

A complete profile (including a representative photo) is requested for consideration to join the group (your picture should either be your visible face, or a shirtless upper torso. You must continue to maintain an approved picture while you remain in the group, please)

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