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Everyone who likes to network! It's our passion to connect as many business professionals in Houston as possible!!

Houston Networking News (HNN) was founded in 2003 to provide business professionals a collective source for all business networking activities in the Greater Houston area.Because of the initial positive response to HNN and the expressed desire for HNN members to network with each other, HNN developed and conducts a series of our own business networking functions, in addition to supporting those of other organizations. We have thus become a unique eclectic organization that appeals to the business and social needs of ANY business professional interested in networking in Houston.

**HNN (Houston Networking News) is a business development organization that specializes in networking and connecting people. We are not a social networking group, but an organization that provides the above functions and much more.**

HNN also offers many ways to promote your business through our comprehensive marketing, advertising, radio and promotional opportunities. We can assist you in reaching thousands across the Greater Houston area and beyond.

HNN is Houston's premier business organization serving professionals across the area. Be sure to check out our website www.HoustonNetworkingNews.com (http://www.houstonnetworkingnews.com/) for more info on how we can help you!

HNN is also the parent organization of Houston L.E.A.D. (www.HoustonLEAD.com). Let us introduce ourselves, we are Houston’s answer for business networking. We cordially invite you to learn about the new business networking groups we are now forming all around the Greater Houston area: L.E.A.D. Networkers of Houston™

Ask yourself these questions, check if the answer is “yes:”

- Am I receiving the number of quality referrals I want?
- Am I giving the number of quality referrals I am able to?
- Am I receiving the ROI I desire for the time, money and effort invested in business networking?
- Am I receiving enough advice or information to help grow my business?

If you didn’t answer yes to all of the above questions, you will be making a smart investment by getting involved in this unique networking group.

To find out more, such as our meeting locations and times, go to www.HoustonLEAD.com (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.HoustonLEAD.com%2F&h=ATOK5a8noDUt1nog0M4qEfB-I1w6LfWARbuPGo0siVgykTa0kilrcKADu7iNkx0g1vNHnuMvJKJx1RiNKLgq9quqRp1qPigha5oETZc17qbiQIJ0qYOXkewUd4RWpSicZpA&s=1).

**If you would like to join L.EA.D., email us at Info@HoustonLEAD.com or call 281-778-6661.**

If you’re looking to do business and development with other professionals, we strongly recommend you join the L.E.A.D. (Lead Exchange And Development) program. A special membership discount will be offered for the program startup period. Annual membership dues are $275. Enroll today!

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Houston L.E.A.D. Fall Kickoff Special

Online event

Fall is here and we have a special for you! We are pleased to offer you our "Houston L.E.A.D. Fall Kickoff Special." This membership special is available during the month of October. This is our way of helping you and your business. Why should you join Houston L.E.A.D.(www.HoustonLEAD.com)? Here are some great reasons and member benefits! · Home base (chapter) where you may network with other like-minded business professionals. Chapters meet and discuss leads, referrals, peer advisory, training and more. · Houston L.E.A.D. Mobile App with ability to share referrals and access member directory. · Access to members-only group pages on Facebook and LinkedIn. · Profile on Houston L.E.A.D. website (www.HoustonLEAD.com). · Training relevant to marketplace and business development needs. · Peer advisory group access to other members who can help guide your business, sales and challenges. Critical during these challenging times to have a TEAM of professionals around you. · Opportunity to share leads, referrals and introductions with other L.E.A.D. members. · No additional fees. Yearly one-time membership fee. · Opportunity to visit other L.E.A.D. chapters across the Greater Houston area. · Marketing Partners - Not only can other members give you leads, but they can also help promote your business, products and/or services. Wouldn't you like to have others marketing YOUR company online, in the business community and via word of mouth? · Houston L.E.A.D. networking events such as evening mixers, luncheons and more. - Ability to post in our various social media groups. Our social media groups reach thousands and this is a great way to spread the good news of your product or service. - Free ad in the Houston L.E.A.D.'er newsletter distributed to thousands of business professionals. You can now become a Houston L.E.A.D. member during the month of October for just $199! We also have a new Houston L.E.A.D. Value Membership available as well. To take advantage of our Fall Kickoff Special or for more details regarding the Value Membership offer, simply reply to this invitation or email [masked].

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