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Everything in life lives in conversation!
Your life becomes what you language. Come learn the ART OF LANGUAGE to create an environment where abundance is the hallmark of success. In this group you will uncover your infinite potential into a world of creativity, transformation and personal development to unlearn the collective consciousness of mediocrity....”You stay poor, we all stay poor together”. This is not just about money. Money is one aspect of how we measure wealth. True wealth is more profound and holds a deeper understanding of who we are. Knowledge of this principle changes you from the inside out and causes a transformation that is both measurable and permanent. You will never be the same. When you change the picture of the performer, you will change the performance.
This is a God given gift that few people will come to know though they posses it already. The bigger question is, how can you access this now? This group is for anyone who is willing to exchange their current identity for a more empowered, authentic and fulfilling one already designed for your spiritual journey. This is not a on religion. This group is designed to awaken you spiritually.

In Western culture, we were born into a society that taught us to go to school, get the right education, meet and marry the right man, know the right people, live on the right side of the tracks and one day we would have it all. Time and experience would say otherwise. When we learn to step into our greatness and know our truth, life can and will change.
Change the way you see a thing and the thing you see will change- Wayne Dyer.

Come join the conversation for a time such as this.

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Mentoring for Mastery

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For those of you have asked about bringing guests please provide copies of the previous handouts for your guests. I will bring extra copies but it would be helpful if you can do that. We will have a very interactive session and food provided. Also if you can be here a little early that helps as well.

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Mentoring for Mastery Guest Speaker Brett Rockmore

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