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The Houston Area Pit Bull Meetup is open to anyone who owns and loves Pit Bull Terriers* or any of the other similarly grouped bully or "junk yard" breed (1) listed as undesirable by landlords, insurance companies, and frequently legislated against and treated differently than other breeds of dogs in local and sometimes even national ordanances(2). Not only do we love our dogs and take good care of them, we recognise the need to properly socialize our dogs. As members of this MEETUP group, it is hoped that when we meet up in public with our dogs, we also put our best foot (and paw) forward, knowing that our dogs are often maligned and thought of in a bad light. We hope to advocate for the advancement of this breed and hope to help dispell negative stereotypes, bad press, and oppose breed-specific legislation, by allowing others to see our dogs being well behaved and as lovable as ANY breed of dog.


This MEETUP group's fees are paid for every month by one specific person (me, myself and I) for the sole purpose of keeping this group open and free for YOU to use. If you want to have a MEETUP in your area, please identify a breed neutral and/or maligned breed friendly location and the most convenient time for YOU to get out there with your best pal, and HOST an event. Maybe you will make a new friend or three, or worse case scenario you still got out there and had fun! Join other members and our faithful canine companions at dog parks, parties, picnics, pet fairs, dog shows, festivals, meetings, dog friendly restaurants and bars, and other activities in and around the greater Houston area.

This group is intended for responsible owners dedicated to these breeds. I personally recommend that every dog should be socialized in a safe and fun manner on a dog by dog basis. Some dogs will do great in a public class. Some dogs, especially rescues, may need some gentle close work to get them familiar with the idea that other dogs and humans are friendly. If you know of a good trainer or class, please post a listing for them in the MEETUP's message boards.

We do NOT support any breeding activities due to the very real numbers of euthanized dogs of every breed, especially ours, locally. Any puppy you breed is another puppy who did not get a home, and ends up put to sleep.

Check out and kindly add to our message boards for related news, information, advice, events, classes, services, etc. Also please, all posts to this MEETUP's email mailing list must be on the very specific topic of a meetup which you are hosting, and be related to socializing our dogs and owners together, thank you!

(1) This group is also open to owners of other "maligned breeds" such as American Staffordshire Terriers, Boxers, Bull Terriers, Bulldogs, Currs (Black Mouth or otherwise), Doberman, German Shepherd, Mastiffs, Presa Canarios, Rottweiler,
Staffordshire Bull Terriers, etc. Heck MEETUP with your Great Pyrenees or any other social breed for all we care! So long as you also understand this: the maligned breed owners' struggle is REAL(1)!

(2) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breed-specific_legislation

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