Houston RENC - Sept. Topic: Top 'Big Money' Lessons Learned In RE Investing

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We invite you to our September Real Estate Networking Club Event, where our topic is "Top 'Big Money' Lessons Learned From Top Real Estate Investors".

"Your best teacher is your last mistake". While this is true, in real estate it's much less expensive & frustrating to learn lessons from others than make them yourself!

After 15 years of investing in real estate and participating in over 1,200 deals totaling more than $200M, you can bet we've made some mistakes and can share some incredibly valuable lessons!

In fact, at our next REIA we'll be sharing our 'Top Lessons Learned As a Texas Real Estate Investor' such as...

• Should I become a Realtor before I invest?
• This condo looks like a good deal… should I invest?
• Is this the right time / economy to use a fix and flip strategy?
• Will this expense add value to my real estate rehab or just eat into my profits?
• Is it better to master just one strategy or learn multiple ones?
• This guy on TV from Hollywood is holding a seminar - Do I need to buy his product to be an investor?

I'd estimate that our team has lost over $1 million dollars investing in real estate by making preventable mistakes over the past 15 years - learn what those are, how they were made, and how you can avoid them at our next REIA event!

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Meeting Agenda:

6:00 - 6:15 - Meet & Greet / Q&A

6:15 - 7:55 - Intro To Real Estate Presentation

7:55 - 8:15 - Club Updates, Market Update, and Vendor Introductions

8:15 - 9-15 - Featured Presentation

9:15 - end - Networking

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