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Hello Beloveds! I am thrilled to bring this safe space for all that resonate with this group. My heart’s intention for this meetup and all that attend is to generate deeper healing in one’s and other’s journeys, bring support during your embodiment and remembrance process, and give you tools to strengthen your inner Center and connection to yourself. Ideas and topics are open to suggestions, and as this group expands, my intention is to bring amazing heart leaders to bring you beautiful expansion on topics that serve us all. With more support, I am planting seeds that we will also incorporate plant medicine and plant based foods for all to enjoy and nourish ourselves with! The vision for this meetup is big and support in all ways is welcomed. Reiki Healing Days are days that are welcomed for as many guests that want to attend, reiki healers and healees! A groups healing meditation will be led on those days with the help of Divine Nonphysical Lovers & Healers such as Sananda (Yeshua), Divine Mother (Mary Magdalene, Isis, Ixchel, etc) Buddha, Metatron, Lazaris, and more that are assisting humanity’s evolution and divine journeys. Thank you so much for your support and love! So blessed we are to have you. P.S: this is a non dogmatic group and guests from all religious paths are welcomed yet know that this isn’t a place to force teachings on others. This is a safe, loving space for all to birth greater healing and expansion in their journeys, with utmost grace.

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