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This is a group for anyone who has been diagnosed with a sleep disorder or has had chronic sleep issues without knowing exactly what is going on. This is a community with compassion for those who know the horror of long term sleep deprivation and/or restless sleep. We can share treatment experiences or just be there for each other without judgement of how exhausted we may look. I am also interested in researching the origin of this epidemic and how to prevent it in others down the line.

Surprisingly I didn't find any support groups for this in Houston so there must be a lot of people struggling on their own. (I personally have had debilitating insomnia for a decade, and have recently been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome.) The journey has been years long and very isolating in even getting a diagnosis. Then there is accepting and processing this and finding treatment that works. Because this is a growing epidemic, even medical doctors often don't know what's up unless you fit the "stereotype".

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