Change Your Organization’s Perception of Testing by Michael Bolton


Testing can be an afterthought or an important source of information for the business. Testing is not, and cannot be, quality assurance — but it can provide you with the quality awareness required to bring better software to market faster. To work with business stakeholders effectively, it’s vital that you clearly communicate testing’s role in supporting broader organizational initiatives.

Join testing expert Michael Bolton as he discusses common mistakes testers make when communicating to the rest of the organization. Hear Michael’s tips on:

1. Cutting through business-speak and technical jargon to get to the hear
of the issue

2. More effectively communicating the value of testing

3. Getting the testing team the seat at the table they deserve


ABOUT Michael Bolton:

Co-author, with senior author James Bach, of “Rapid Software Testing”, a course on our methodology of testing more quickly and less expensively while providing excellent results. This approach focuses on training the minds and skills of individual testers.

Over twenty years of experience providing training and consulting services to companies involved in a variety of software and Web development projects

His Contact Info:

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