Past Meetup

Lets critique & have some fun doing it. Chris, Patty, Tralene - Presenters

This Meetup is past

9 people went


Presenters for this meetup are

1) Patty

2) Chris

3) Tralene

Pls bring upto 2000 words in 12 font double spaced (and pages numbered please) copies for everyone.

Please upload your work on this site. Go to More-- File-- add a file. For the sake our Mac users please upload a .pdf or .rtf file.

It is not compulsory to upload your work here but it does help some people to critique at home. This will allow for you to get more thourough critiques from them. The sooner you can upload the better.

I am uploading my format on the website but you DO NOT have to use it.

Thx and keep writing.