What we're about

We are Zhineng QiGong Enthusiasts who live in the Houston, TX Area and would like to share with anyone what we know about this wonderful Ancient Energy Practice, which brings numerous benefits to anyone practicing. We would like to connect with more people seeking self-improvement and enjoy the journey of self discovery together. We are also connected with Chinese Zhineng Qigong Master Teacher Jianshe Liu, who can sometimes visit Houston for a Practice Seminar or simply help guide us in our practices through the modern communications channels available today :) Zhineng brings to the world Ancient teaching about the Life-force Universal Energy, summarized for the Modern person in a simplified system, so that it can bring quick positive results. It is a combination of Relaxation, Concentration, Meditation and Body-Mind-Universal Energy flowing movements. How can Zhineng Qigong Help me? Zhineng Qigong makes the Ancient system of QiGong (Universal Energy practice) more accessible and simple to feel, learn and adopt as a way of life. The Practice helps us enjoy every moment, this way appreciating where we are and what we have, regardless of circumstances. As we practice and re-establish our connection with the Universal Energy, we start seeing more clearly that Every Day is a New Day and we can all do great things and have a higher purpose. Everyone can benefit regardless of ability, age, belief system or life situation. The reasons why people at some point in their life turn to Qigong or similar practices are numerous: any illness or adverse body-mind condition, desire to remain healthy, search of more happy life... As the balance within and the connection with the Nature and the Universe is getting restored, Zhineng Qigong practice becomes also a journey of discovering our true-selves, our All-One connection and our endless positive potential. We hope to meet you soon and share all the positive transformation this system can offer us and to enjoy together the journey of our new life we can create every day!