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HDNUG - February: Why Do We Want C# 9?

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Lisa R. and 2 others
HDNUG - February: Why Do We Want C# 9?


Why Do We Want C# 9?

Featured Speaker: Mark Reynolds
An incremental improvement or a step change?
Just when you though it couldn't get any better, C# v9 arrives bringing new features to Visual Studio. Each of these will be demonstrated in a practical example.

About Mark Reynolds:
Mark has been developing operations-centric solutions, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and Surveillance Systems. Mark’s experience includes addressing challenges in Operations Technology, Information Technology, and Knowledge Engineering. Recently he has been a contributing leader in public forums as an Applied System Engineer and Machine Learning Architect. Mark is a contributing author for energy industry and computer science magazines, and speaker at industry conferences. In his spare time, he is Professor of Computer Science at Lone Star College.

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