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You’ll likely to get the most out of this group if you consider the time you spend with us as an investment in yourself. We ask that you understand and respect the importance of healthy eating and exercise and want to work towards a better you. Active participation is a condition of membership.

Our events will take place at different locations and times and the level of difficulty will vary based on terrain and length.

We don’t race walk for sure, however, we don’t stroll either. Please be aware of these minimum requirements. We have found that our events are more enjoyable for all when we walk together as a cohesive group.

Our group is a closed group. It is not open to everyone. Also, this means is that we do not accept everyone who asks to become a member.

Although we don’t discriminate on race, creed or color, we do utilize a method of determining suitability. For example, most recently, a person who only joined Meetup about one week prior, who didn’t even reside in Texas, and was a member of 40 groups, wanted to join. We did not approve her membership request. Not sure what that was all about.

We want to accommodate as many people as possible, but our group does require a certain degree or level of physical activity. Not everyone is a good fit.

We’ve turned off the guest list. Our events are for members only. Anyone waking with the group has to go through the membership procedures on Meetup.com We have a number of thoughts on the issue but there is also a legal ramification and the details can be found here: https://help.meetup.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001674911-Organizer-liability-at-a-Meetup

Some of the things we’ll ask you to share with the group while walking will be how since the last meetup, you made good choices on food, eating in general and exercise. We all support each other in this manner and that’s what this group is all about. If you had a small detour along your healthy eating highway, that’s okay too, and we can explore that together as well. If you’re committed to taking care of yourself this is the group for you. Hope to see you soon.

This is important as well: Please Be Flexible. At time, things change at the last minute. The changes can be of time, location, whatever. Not everyone is comfortable with change, but it happens as times for any number of reasons.

• Total membership is limited to 20/30

• Active participation is part of membership.

• Attend at least twice in two months or manage RSVP's

• Active RSVP response is requested.

And now, back to the fun stuff.

• Standard "utility" walks. Nothing too special, the group gets together and walks a shopping center, surrounding neighborhoods etc. We're not stopping to look at windows, as we need to keep moving.

• "Location Walks." Walks that begin in various parts of town. We will take in the sights, smells and sounds of the area. The locations can be the downtown areas of Richmond/Rosenberg/Sugar Land, Houston, etc. and other points not yet on our radar.

• "Adventure Walks" These events may take place in Houston, Galveston and other scenic areas where there is a lot going on that can enjoyed as part of our walks. My creativity is working overtime on this. The Strand in Galveston comes to mind, holiday lights in other areas etc. More to come on this.

• "Road Trip Walks" - Inspired by the television program Day Tripper on PBS, we may opt to take a road trip to a nearby town or attraction. We'll walk, take in the scenery and enjoy the various things that Texas has to offer that don't always get the attention they deserve.

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