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Thanks for checking out Houston Outdoors! We are an outdoors group located in the greater Houston Area. Our events are focused on outdoor activities that promote exercise, being outdoors, building new friendships and growing existing friendships. If you like to stay active and love the outdoors: whether it's a camping weekend, hiking Houston's trails or backpacking out of state, you will enjoy this group. A moderate to high level of fitness (example: 6+miles hiking) is required to participate in events. You must access your own physical abilities before signing up to the event.

Group guidelines - Please read before asking to join the group(you must agree and abide by the guidelines)

Group Acceptance:

• Profile Name: the name you are called by (or known by) fluffy kitty 51 does is not acceptable.

• An accurate profile picture: We must be able to identify you, no pictures of your dog, a flower, the back of your head, side view or you from 25 years ago.

• Answer the 3 questions to join the group, be descriptive, this is a social group and we want to know something about you.

• Live in Houston or within 50 miles of Houston

• We don't accept couples membership, please sign up individually.

• Be a member of less than 15 groups.

Faqs and What not:

FAQ's: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_R71zkpZBT5AveLIw6N9JrpTrxGdbCXt

Group Guidelines: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SVYz1iIbFf51t8P2_ScDPbx8NOEozQwe

We strive to maintain an environment for people to participate in activities, enjoy new and old friend's company and make lasting relationships. We also want to promote a safe and welcoming environment at our events and as such we have a simple code of conduct and screen new members. This makes our group safer and less intimidating than open groups. Everyone is welcome to join and participate, but please leave your political, religious and social views at home.

We welcome our 4 legged members as well.

Dogs are allowed on many events but this is at the discretion of the organizers- please see the individual MeetUp event details or contact the organizer. Dogs must be kept under close control at all times and on a leash where necessary.

Risks associated with outdoor activities

There is always some risk with all outdoor/fitness activities and you must understand your physical abilities before signing up to any event. Our organizers are here to create trip ideas and the meetup events. We do not represent a business or company and our (organizer's) time is 100% volunteered. By signing up to our events you are 100% responsible for your own wellbeing.

Joining events and "No Shows":

Please keep your RSVP's accurate, this helps us plan events and arrange accommodations. For non-camping events, if you forget to attend it's not a big deal but we do keep track of "No Shows" and it may affect your ability to join future events. A "No Show" to a camping trip or other organized event can be a big deal, it affects the way we plan, the waitlist, our costs and is discourteous. Failure to notify the organizer and just not showing up may get you banned from other trips or removed from the group.

Removal Guidelines:

Inappropriate conduct, including, without limitation, stalking, inappropriate touching or other such unwanted physical contact, inappropriate emails, messages (we are NOT a dating site, do not message members you never met) texts, telephoning, poor behaviour such as inappropriate comments, racism, sexism, etc., will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the group.

Attendance is a key part of your membership, if you do not show up to an event or camping trip we keep track of your attendance. Excessive numbers of "NO Shows" will result in your removal. Failing to attend an extended (all day) event or camping trip will bar you from future event or may result in your removal.

Inactivity in the group for 6 months or more may result in your removal. This does not ban you from re-joining, but you are expected to be an active member in the group.

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