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Class: Out of Order Tour ($15 Discount for HoustonPhotowalk Members!)

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The folks at Monte Zucker have invited us to join them at another educational event in Houston -- and as usual, provided us with a coupon code! Use coupon code OOOHPW to get $15 off on the $69 class price.

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The Out of Order Tour teaches how to create captivating films through the editing process by focusing on two key concepts: 1) the use of “out of order” storytelling techniques (non-linear storytelling), and 2) how to make decisions about where pieces go instead of simply how to move them into place. Designed for the beginner and intermediate filmmaker, this workshop shows you how to unlock the full potential of your footage by utilizing the principles of story structure, narrative bases, shot selection, pacing, and the psychological effects of shot placement.

5:00pm -5:30pm - This will be an introduction on the editing process, and why the actual process of editing has a major effect on your final product. We also will explore a brief history on the evolution of editing and why that has an effect on the way we do things today.

5:30pm -6:45pm - Continuing to re-define the editing process, we will learn what a dump timeline is, and how to use one. Then we’ll take the dump timeline and transform it into a narrative base. The narrative base is the foundation for almost every film.

6:45pm -8:15pm - Ross’ bag of tricks The last 10 percent of changes to a film is what makes the difference between an average film and a great one. With this easy to understand techniques, you’ll have a clear vision on how to make every single frame count. (L- Cutting, Cutting on the Action, pacing, Rhythm of the film and story, 80% rule)

8:15pm -8:35pm - Audio editing.8:35pm -9:00pmFinalizing your film. Color Correction and Color grading. Understand exporting and compression

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