Photowalk: Tour of Ben Taub General Hospital


This will be an extremely unique opportunity to get photos of medical equipment, hospital operations, and patients receiving care.

We'll start in Mammography, then stop by the natal unit on the 3rd floor, and make our way to Critical Wound Unit where we'll get some VERY interesting photos.

Part of the tour is a stop in the O.R. Observation rooms, if we are lucky, there will be some major accident or amputation / reattachments, etc. Otherwise, we'll spend the last portion of the tour in the morgue watching an autopsy.

After that, we'll have lunch at the hospital's McDonalds.

If any of you have been in a serious wreck or got shot robbing a convince store, chances are you were taken to Ben Taub. This will be a unique way to see the facilities without being handcuffed to the hospital bed.

We might get to visit the Observation Level during a major surgery, so please do not bring any jujube's.

This event posted on April 1, 2011.

Camellia Holt ( Oh wait, this really isn't a joke is it? I even already got my schedule out and put it on there so I wouldn't forget. >.<

Posted April Fool's Day at 8:25 AM Camellia Holt ( I was thinking hipaa violation with patient care pictures (w/o permission), but medical equipment would be okay right?

Posted April Fool's Day at 8:27 AM Jonathan Knoblock ( I realized I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy that day in the same place. If you want I can ask to inform the group which room the procedure will be in.

Posted April Fool's Day at 8:40 AM Cliff Cartagena ( This is very exciting. Grea idea. Since I am a Registered Nurse and this scenes are always available for me to take photos of I will skip this particular event in order to allow others to participate. Although, I might change my mind and will simple suggest then that if the group coming ever becomes large, divide the group into two or three and take turns taking photos from one department to the other.

Posted April Fool's Day at 9:47 AM Cliff Cartagena ( Get ready with model release forms although I doubt the hospital will allow us to take the actual faces of the patient. Hopefully yes. Enjoy guys!

Posted April Fool's Day at 9:47 AM Michelle ( So Joe, how long are you gonna keep this going ???? LOL

Posted April Fool's Day at 1:19 PM Logan ( Hey, If it is a slow day, I will let you guys hurt one of my kids. Then they would be part of the action and really enjoy the event. Anyone got snow tires they could bring?

Posted April Fool's Day at 3:21 PM Gary Woodard ( Shawn, sorry this is Joe at his best. But don't worry about the Radiology Department. If you can hang on a few day Fukushima will come to your rescue.

Posted April Fool's Day at 3:26 PM Logan ( My daughter wants to know if she can dress up as death and wander in the room while we are taking the pics?

Posted April Fool's Day at 3:27 PM Joe Lippeatt ( Logan: That would be too funny! But she should probably skip the cancer ward, you know for sensitivity's sake!

Posted April Fool's Day at 3:40 PM Joe Lippeatt ( It's been brought to my attention that folks with pacemakers may need to skip certain parts of this walk due to radiation. And those using cell phone cameras will likely be asked to turn them off, so check to pick up some new gear.

Posted April Fool's Day at 5:39 PM Molly ( LOL. That sounded great until the part about being stuck in the morgue. Where do you come up with this stuff...too funny.

Posted April Fool's Day at 9:22 PM