• Photowalk: 6:30 AM Early Entry to Civil War Re-enactment at Liendo Plantation
    Boys and Girls, it is that time again! Time for the Civil War Re-Enactment at Liendo Plantation. This year, we will have exclusive early morning access to the grounds. We will arrive at 6:30 am to wander among the camps as people wake up and prepare for the day. Hopefully we will catch early morning campfires and cooking. (If we are REAL lucky, there will be fog on the landscape.) Please note: Because we have exclusive access, tickets are limited to 30 HPW members. If there are tickets left 6 days before the event (Nov 11) we will allow +1 guests. Please contact Joe Lippeatt if you wish to bring a guest after Nov. 11 and have already paid for yourself. From the website: " Liendo Plantation was built in 1853. Originally a Spanish land grant of 67,000 acres and one of Texas’ earliest cotton plantations. Liendo was the social center of Texas receiving and lavishly entertaining early Texas dignitaries and notorieties. Liendo is recognized as a Texas historic landmark, and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was also the home of world-renowned sculptor Elizabet Ney. During the War Between the States, Liendo hosted Cavalry and Infantry Training Camps, an Internment Camp, and a Hospital. For a brief time after the War, it served as headquarters for General George Armstrong Custer." The event's normal hours are 9 am-5 pm. Although we will not be allowed to attend the tactical (only re-enactors will be allowed), we can await the troops when they come out of the tactical area. Here is a link to their website: http://liendoplantation.com/liendo/civil-war-weekend/ We will arrive at 6:30 am. Gates open at 9 am. This year, I will be distributing the tickets to you. We will check in at the registration table that the re-enactors use. I will let you know where that is located before the event. We can gather at about 11 for lunch on the grounds. APPROXIMATE schedule: • 6:30 AM: Early Entry • 9 AM: Liendo Plantation opens to public • 11 AM: Fashion Show with period costumes • 2 PM: Battle reenactment • 5 PM: Liendo Plantation closes to Public • 6 PM: Reenactors are fed dinner • 7 PM: Dance (in costume and dances are actual period dances). This is held outdoors so lighting will be an issue (unless you have flash). There will also be some light from the house itself. We will be allowed to stay late to photograph the dance. Keep in mind that the dance is outdoors and lighting will not be ideal. Bring a flash if you will be staying late. Also, grab dinner before the food trucks leave or you will be extremely hungry!

    Liendo Plantation

    38653 Wyatt Chapel Road · Hempstead, TX

  • Breakfast Before Liendo Plantation
    Sorry this is last minute. Hope y'all can make it. Let's get together for breakfast and meet each other before heading to Liendo Plantation. And if you aren't sure how to get out there, we can all arrive at the plantation at the same time. Yes, it's a BBQ joint. but they also serve breakfast. (Actually, I'm not sure they serve BBQ that early in the morning.) Here is a link to their menu. Breakfast is at the bottom. http://wallercountyline.com/wlc-waller/menu-waller-county-line-waller-location.php

    Waller County Line BBQ

    20727 FM 362 (at US 290) · Waller, tx

  • Free Webinar: Posing Couples, Weddings and Families, with Lindsay Adler
    CreativeLive will be broadcasting this class for FREE during the hours listed above. The class will broadcast multiple times. In order to view the entire class, you must click the link below, and then click the black "RSVP" button before the class starts. To view the entire class for free, you must be logged into CreativeLive. Here's the link to sign up for the class: https://24mov.es/2DsZvL0 If you aren't available during the day, you can purchase the class to view whenever you want to watch it. But the best option is to watch for free by signing up at the CreativeLive website before the class starts. :) CLASS DETAILS: A Hands-On Introduction To Group Posing Need to pose a group of people quickly and effectively? Join fashion photographer and CreativeLive instructor Lindsay Adler for a hands-on introduction to posing couples, wedding and families. Using live shoots and a 5 guideline approach, Lindsay will give you a posing foundation and essentials poses for working with more than one subject. You’ll learn how to pose mature, uneven height, maternity and same sex couples. Lindsay will teach you how to navigate the chaos of a wedding day and pose with brides, grooms and weddings parties. Additionally, she will show you how to pose families, kids, and parents in a variety of scenarios. Taking the reigns and posing a large group can seem daunting. This course will show you quick, easy steps you can follow to pose groups of 2 or more people and have everyone looking their best.

    Your Home

    Your Home · Houston, TX

  • Movie Screening: "The Low Turn Row: A Journey in Time"
    HoustonPhotowalk members have been invited to attend a special screening of "The Low Turn Row" during the Houston Cinema Arts Festival. The film is about two photographers who documented the stories of African American farming families in Grimes County, Texas. You can buy tickets for just this screening, or for the entire Houston Cinema Arts Festival at the following link: https://www.cinemahtx.org/event/journey-low-turn-row/ Here are some details from the web site: The Low Turn Row Saturday, November 10th - 6:30 PM - Moody Center for the Arts with Wendy Watriss, Fred Baldwin, and jazz musician Corey Harris in attendance This is a story about discovery of history and heritage, the ten-year journey of Wendy Watriss and Frederick Baldwin, two free-lance photographers who left their life of global reporting in 1971 to work in the USA to revisit and relive the stories of people whose families settled and cultivated the frontier and how their histories shaped the social and political character of our nation today. Living for two years in the back pasture of African American farmers, Watriss and Baldwin photographed, listened, and recorded the stories of people who settled and developed Grimes County, a county north of Houston, the western edge of the corn and cotton culture that grew from the arrival of white, Old South planters who moved west in search of new lands for cotton farming in the 19th century. This event is the beginning of a longer documentary about their journey through the American experience. It is a combination of images, words, music, dialogue, and conversation based on the story of people and their memories in photographs and video, excerpts of films, interviews, and live performances of Blues music of Mance Lipscomb, who described the experiences of African Americans in Grimes County where he was born.

    Moody Center for The Arts, Rice University

    6100 Main Street, MS-480 · Houston, tx

  • Photowalk: Alt-Photography in Old Town Spring (Film, Toy Camera, iPhone, etc!)
    It's been over a year since our last Retro- and Alt-photography day, time to break out those old 35mm cameras, pinhole cameras, instamatics, toy 35mm cameras, and iPhones with nifty photo apps! Your DSLR with DIY lenses (or Lensbaby lenses) are welcome too! :) We will start our day at Old Town Spring with lunch at Puffabelly's, come on in at 11am. While waiting for lunch to arrive, we'll check out each other's cameras. After lunch, we will walk along Main street going east, and then follow Gentry street West back to our cars. Total walking distance, about 5 or 6 blocks. November 10th will be O.T.S.'s first weekend of their "Home For The Holidays" event. So we'll get to see a lot of interesting people, places and Holiday Decorations! The camera in this meetup description is the same one from our HPW t-shirts ... anyone recognize which camera model it is?

    This Meetup is past


    100 Main St · Spring, TX

  • Photowalk: Private Miniature Trains Event
    Houston Photowalks has been invited to photograph at a private event of miniature train enthusiasts hosted by Houston Area Live Steamers (HALS). Six groups from five states in and around Texas meet annually for a private event to show off their trains and use the extensive track layouts in Zube (pronounced: zoo-bee) Park in Tomball. In the past, we've attended HALS public run days, and gained access to all areas of the facility. Policies have changed over the years, however, and the board of HALS does not want photographers going all over the grounds in view of the public, in case the public tries to follow suit. For this private event, however, we'll have access to nearly all buildings and grounds, as well as an occasional train ride! Plus, there will be even more types and number of trains available to view than would be at a regular public run day. In case you aren't familiar with HALS, these aren't your average train sets. Remember Silver Spoons, and that train that Ricky rode through the mansion? The train rides are sort of like that. Any size or shape of adult or child can ride the trains at Zube Park. In addition to the large-scale trains, enthusiasts bring incredibly detailed reproductions of trains powered by steam and even coal to show off to visitors. From the train ride through the park, to the miniature stations and railroad crossings, to the tiny steam-powered trains, there are plenty of picture-taking opportunities. You'll only have trouble deciding which lenses to bring! (Hint - bring everything!). *** PLEASE NOTE THAT CHILDREN ARE NOT WELCOME AT THIS EVENT! *** We have many family-friendly events throughout the year, but due to numerous safety issues, the delicacy of some of the trains, as well as the limited number of spots for this event, both HALS and Houston Photowalks require that children do not attend this event. If you wish to bring your kiddos to ride the trains, there is one public run day left in 2018: Saturday, November 17, 2018, from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. ANY PHOTOGRAPHER THAT SHOWS UP TO THIS EVENT WITH CHILDREN WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE - NO EXCEPTIONS! (Note: We love kids. I have 3 kids of my own, and they will be staying at home.) Also, because we are only allowed 20 people at this event, we will not be enabling the "guest" feature of meetup - this event is for Houston Photowalks members ONLY! (HINT: This would be a great time for you to nudge your friend or family member to join the group - it's free to join!) For more information about Zube Park and the Houston Area Live Steamers, click here: http://hals.org/ To see the 2012 Houston Photowalks event with HALS, click here: https://www.meetup.com/HoustonPhotowalks/events/64186402/ Because our time at the event crosses over lunch time, we'll be taking a break in the middle of the event to partake in a picnic lunch as a group. There is a nice gazebo and lots of shade where Houston Photowalks groups can spread out. Nearby food options are scarce, so we STRONGLY suggest packing your lunch (or buying something on the way there). Please bring bug spray, hats, and WATER! It is also highly recommended that you wear close-toed comfortable shoes and long pants. Check the weather close to the date in case you need rain gear/mud boots, etc. We'll be sharing a few rules of the tracks as we get closer to the event.

    This Meetup is past

    Zube Park

    17802 Roberts Rd · Hockley, TX

  • Photowalk: Pinball and Arcade Expo of Houston
    This is a very rare chance to photograph vintage video and pinball games -- and folks playing them. All arcade and pinball games will be on "free play" for Friday and Saturday, so bring the family! Since 2009, Keith Christensen at Archadecenter.com has invited HoustonPhotowalks to come enjoy the expo with our families. We also have permission to photograph games and gamers. Two things to note this year: - The location has moved, be aware of the new location. - Discount tickets are available until October 4th. After that, you have to pay at the door. You can buy tickets at: http://www.arcadecenter.com/index.php/tickets/ Also, I'm not sure where to schedule a dinner meetup for this one yet. Since it's a new location, I will need to scout out dinner options and let you know. Check out some of the pictures we took when attending this event previously: https://www.meetup.com/HoustonPhotowalks/photos/all_photos/?photoAlbumId=27420997 Hope to see you guys there!

    Houston Marriott Westchase

    2900 Briarpark Dr · Houston

  • Fall Photography Contest and Review at the Woodlands Photography Club
    The Woodlands Photography Club has invited us to join them for their Annual Fall Photo Contest. The event takes place at the South County Community Center, next to the library. Contest winners are announced at 1pm including a live Q&A Feedback with the judges. I am honored to be invited as a judge this year, and they gave me permission to invite my friends from HoustonPhotowalks to attend the event. Come join in and show our North Houston some photography support. If you're not already a member, consider joining The Woodlands Photography Club ... and then submit your images for their fall contest! For details on the contest and the contest rules, check out this page on their official website: https://www.thewoodlandsphotographyclub.com/Website-Pages/n-QGBCsx/Contests

    South County Community Center

    2235 Lake Robbins Drive · The Woodlands, TX

  • Class: On-Camera Flash - Or....Avoiding the "Studio 54" Look
    The inspiration for this class started when someone in the group asked "what do you do when you can't take your flash off the camera?". The motivation behind the question was "how to avoid the drivers license or mug shot look" We'll discuss the various techniques of how to get better on-camera flash images, flash modifiers to consider and......do some hands on work. You'll definitely want to bring your camera, flash (maybe extra batteries too), what (if any) flash modifiers you use. We definitely want to make this a hands on learning class. FYI, the flash modifiers I'm bringing include a couple of Flashbender 2's, Flashbender XL Pro, and Westcott Pocket Box Max. We definitely need people who use other systems like MagMod, Gary Fong, LumiQuest, Lastolite, etc. Weather permitting, we'll head outside to try things like high speed sync, etc.

    Becks Prime

    115 West 19th Street · Houston, TX

  • Houston, Downtown @ Night, Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk Day
    It's that time of year again! Scott Kelby's World Wide Photowalk is happening in October, and we will be doing our 8th yearly Downtown at Night Photowalk. IMPORTANT: You *MUST* sign up at the Scott Kelby website in order to participate. They will not let us use Meetup to take RSVPs. That's how Scott wants it so, we're going to follow their rules. **** TO SIGN UP, CLICK THIS LINK: **** http://worldwidephotowalk.com/walk/houston-downtown-night/ Here are the details: We will begin our event with a quick bite to eat downtown, then walk up to the balcony of the University of Houston – Downtown to shoot the sun going down over the city skyline. We will also have an amazing vantage point of the i-10 and i-45 intersection, offering plenty of “light trails” shots along the highways. You will also have a straight shot down Travis street, to shoot cars as they pass under the streetlights. Once the sun goes down, we will start walking along Main Street, shooting the interesting places, people and activity along the way. We will end our journey at Bombay Pizza, to compare images over drinks and food. Ending Location Want to show off some images on your camera? Or just get to know people you’ve met along the way? At the end of our photowalk, we will join up at Bombay Pizza (http://www.bombaypizzaco.com/index.html) (914 Main Street (http://www.bombaypizzaco.com/locations.html)). They have taken care of us the last 5 years in a row. Its always amazing food and a great chance to rub elbows with fellow photographers for a while. You can check out their food on their website menu (http://www.bombaypizzaco.com/menu.html). Parking Parking can be a challenge downtown, but I have a way to make it really easy on you. The photowalk map will include a set of parking locations that are very close to a Metro Rail center. You will find a parking spot with no problem, then ride the rail up to University of Houston. Its a safer and much more convenient way to get to and from your car. What to Wear/Bring/Expect Wear good walking shoes, and loose, comfortable clothing. I suggest bringing a good tripod since the majority of the photowalk will be after dark. If you don’t already have one, I cover tripod purchasing in my low-light photography class ($20 for 2 hour class) if anyone is interested in taking it. The type of lens to bring depends on what type of photography you like to do. I usually bring a long lens and a fast prime. Don’t bring your entire camera and lens collection, you will be miserable for the weight, and won’t use the majority of what you bring. Other stuff Your favorite flavor of DEET or OFF! (But spray at your car, not near people’s camera lenses)A small flashlight. Most of downtown is well lit, but you might drop something in a dim area and need that bit of light.Money. Bring a few bucks. You may need to pay for parking, but the rail ride will be a couple of bucks. Also a few single bills will help you say “thank you” to anyone on the streets that agree to let you take their picture. A lot of folks who live downtown aren’t there by choice, and they will be very grateful if you give them a couple bucks. If you are interested, I can do a night-photography class at HoustonPhotowalks.com — just let me know if anyone is interested. Weather info will be posted closer to the event date. Note HoustonPhotowalks.com is a “rain or shine” group. We get some AMAZING images when shooting wet streets, if it sprinkles or massive thunderstorm, come anyway. We only cancel if the mayor says evacuate the city. Roster Information If you are not sure if you are on the roster or not, log into the Kelby web site to check. You can request a new password if you have lost yours.

    This Meetup is past

    University of Houston Downtown

    One Main Street · Houston, TX