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This is a discussion and social meetup.

Topic: As a follow-up to our July discussion, part of today will be spent in a round table about Critique Groups - experience, expectation, motivation, and management. We'll talk about what to do when you don't fit with the group you've found, how to leave a group, the audition process to add new members to established circles, and other key questions for new circle members or those wanting to start their own groups. We'll also talk revision and rewrites, and the process of going from an initial draft to a polished manuscript.

We will also read and discuss the writing exercise if there are any takers. (See prompt below - please write to the prompt if you want group feedback in this session.)

Optional writing exercise prompts: five, moon, crisis OR "Tragically true."

About our Meetup generally: PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A CRITIQUE GROUP. We gather for a low-pressure chance to socialize with other folks interested in writing science fiction, fantasy or horror. We post an optional writing exercise, and if there are takers, we read and comment on their work.

To participate in the exercise, write a science fiction, fantasy or horror piece[masked] words in length based on the prompt above / below. If the text of the prompt is in quotes, the full text should appear somewhere in your exercise. If the text of the prompt is not in quotes, the concepts should appear in your exercise, but the phrase itself is not required. Bring 10 typed/printed copies to the meeting for people to read. If the prompt inspires you to a piece that is longer than 2000 words, bring 10 copies of the first 2000 words as your exercise submission. If you'd like, be sure to bring a copy of the complete work in case a member wants to read the whole thing. Keep in mind that the writing exercise is meant to be a light-hearted opportunity to learn the critique process and get familiar with the writing of your peers.

Optional writing exercise prompts: five, moon, crisis OR "Tragically true."

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