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What we’re about

Had enough of junk science, pseudo-science, and perversions of truth? Tired of climate change deniers, medical quacks, and the ill-informed? What about superstitions, astrologers, psychics, and homeopaths? Frustrated with charlatans that take advantage of the gullible? Yearning to engage with other rational people? Want to learn to be more rational in areas of your life that are important to you and your family?

Meet up with other local skeptics, science promoters, scientists, rationalists, and critical thinkers for some refreshing and sane conversation, and to work toward making a difference in a community and society often overly informed by irrational influences.

The Greater Houston Skeptic Society is dedicated to promoting critical thinking, skeptical inquiry, and the scientific method, focusing primarily on these processes, giving ancillary (though no less important) attention to the conclusions drawn from applying them.

We also seek to build a friendly and fun group, so many of our events, where always chock full of science and rational goodness, are geared to be social and inviting.

Please note: There are several atheist groups in the Houston area. While many skeptics are indeed atheists, non-theists, agnostics, humanists, etc., and while religious claims, questions, and actions are often the concerns of good rationalists, this group is NOT solely geared for promoting atheism. Atheism is one conclusion (arguably the correct one) of rational evaluation of evidence for gods. Houston Skeptic Society, by contrast, is intended to promote critical thinking, the method of rational skepticism, and the philosophy of science as they relate to many community concerns, such as consumerism, social issues, the media, medicine, education, the "paranormal", and other issues of interest.

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