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What we’re about

The creation of a photograph is a process that involves numerous decisions and actions. Where does that process begin, and what is the hierarchy of decisions and actions to be taken? How do choices made now affect the outcome? What are the options in the editing process? For a novice, the process may seem daunting, even frustrating. For the experienced, every change in subject represents a challenge in managing and organizing all the known variables and choices. Decisions must be made before actions are taken. This requires planning and discipline. Most of all, it requires an ordering of thoughts. What tools are useful in the ordering of the process? How can my process be more reliable?

How Photographers Think takes you beyond the “how to” into the thinking process of creating a digital image. We start from a premise that photography is a process of intention that requires planning. We explore how we might adapt to the challenges of different subjects and different situations.

This series of presentations, discussions, workshops, classes, and excursions will help you to understand how we think about planning and execution of digital images. You will learn from the experiences of advanced veterans and their processes. And by forming a community of collective experience we learn from each other.

And by the way, we also have a lot of fun.