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Meetup with locals Fresno/Clovis (in person)...with people who are interested in practicing the science and ideology of The Law of Attraction in an effort to attract abundance/prosperity; getting what one desires. Consciously on purpose!

ATTENTION...the coaching will be a High Vibrating MasterMind group...i'm going to teach you how to consciously tap into the power of your mind...so that you may create your ideal life!...

...some of the Topics I Will Be Discussing..."Desire" how to turn your desire into a burning desire..."Faith" how to develop unwavering faith at all times..."Auto Suggestion" give your sub conscious mind a demand, by impressing what you desire..."Specialize Knowledge" the secret to conscious successfully people..."Imagination" using your thoughts on purpose to attract/create what you desire..."Decision" how to make a decision in alignment with your goals and desires..."Persistence" how to stay persist no matter what..."Power of your own mastermind group" the secret to conscious business people..."Conscious Mind" how to properly think..."Sub Conscious Mind" the God like part of you..."Sixth Sense"...many people are aware of the 5 senses but not the 6 sense; which is connecting your finite mind to Infinite Intelligence Mind on purpose..."The Natural Laws of the Universe" which are operating in each of our lives if you know it or not...and of course "Law of Attraction" the secret to our life...

JOIN this meetup...and FEEL FREE to Send me a private message for more information and/or phone me (559) 907-9208 ♥ KANINA

I AM living on purpose and feel blessed to be awaken to my God Given Power to enlighten people that desire a higher level of awareness of life, Empowerment.

I help empower people to become awaken to life Living In The Now achieve a wealth mindset and enhance the awareness of people that already have a wealth mindset. That's right, you were born rich in potential, so let me help you attract all that you have been given. You will learn how to attract whatever your heart desires. You will learn how to Ask, Believe and Receive. We all have been given a specific purpose for life, let me help you use your purpose to attract all the wealth you desire.

I am the author of, "Walk In Your Power" http://facebook.com/WalkInYourPowerBook published by No Limit Publishing,...if you desire to get your hands on my book...you can purchase direct from me and get an autograph copy~if you desire~ by sending me a request to Kanina@KaninaJohnson.com ...or you can purchase the book at any book store, if store do not carry a physical copy...request store to order for you...because it is Release World Wide Print On Demand MY GIFT TO YOU; I Paid the cost for you to easily gain possession of my book/a book of Wisdom...or grab it right at your fingertip Amazon http://amzn.to/rrf8DN ...POWERFUL BOOK REVIEW...what "Walk In Your Power" is all about!... http://rhachellenicol.com/2012/12/15/book-review-walk-in-your-power

...I AM also a Transformation Inspirational Speaker, I Am Wealth Conscious...I'm A "Transformation" Life Success Coach..."Empowering You To Attract Whatever Your Heart Desire" AND I HELP Executives/Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs to connect to their higher side and lead more productive and fulfilling and enriching lives...Consciously Uncover Life Secrets.. I have owned and operated four successful businesses since 1996...I have a loving and joyful marriage; my husband “soul mate” and I have been together since April 1987—30 years and counting!

...I AM a talk show host on http://www.CentralValleyTalk.com be sure to check out my show Kanina "BS" Best Solutions... http://www.Facebook.com/KaninaBestSolutions ...I focus on empowerment!

All Summed Up...I HELP leaders become more able...by helping them understand how to Tap Into The Power of their own Mind...connecting their finite main to Infinite Mind on purpose...I help leaders Understand and apply success principles that conscious successful people use on purpose...I take you from where you are...to were you desire to be..."I Empower The Mind...for Great Success...to attract what the heart desires"...

I have learned from Great Masters such as Bob Proctor (Master Life Success Coach starring in the blockbuster film "The Secret"), i'm licensed...and certified by Bob Proctor LifeSuccess Productions http://KaninaJohnson.LifeSuccessConsultants.com


Since Order is Heaven's first law and Visualization places things in their natural order. Hold the image of the person you want to be. Practice using your imagination picturing your desires and carefully examining your picture

As your level of awareness raises, you will soon realize, your thoughts and desires will proceed in an orderly manner. By the great use of the secret to life, Law of Attraction, you will attract to you what you need to make your life more enjoyable in an orderly way.

I love meeting with positive people; Caution No Naysayers. JOIN ME free

~Empowering "you" to prosper beyond your wildest dreams! There is an "INTELLIGENT MIND" that knows all.....When you understand how to connect YOUR MIND to the INTELLIGENT MIND all you desire is yours for the asking!

Do you know, you have God Given power? You can BE, DO, HAVE whatever your heart desires. God is spirit, we are spiritual beings here on earth going through a physical experience. We all have been given, a specific purpose for life. Only you can discover your purpose.

God is love, we must share our love with all. Love and gratitude keep you connected to source, which is Spirit of Love. Ask your supreme power (God, Universe, Spirit etc your choice!) for whatever your heart desire,

Believe that your supreme power have given you what you asked, thank your supreme power for what you asked for, continue to give thanks. Listen to your intuition, act and you shall Receive.

To live on purpose requires three things. (1) You must have a spiritual practice. So, you can get quiet and still, and hear the deeper wisdom beneath the ego, "Edging God Out" (2) To know what is Unique and Special about yourself (3) To be of service with your gifts.

The secret to living a joyful fulfilling life, is to "Do More Of What You LOVE Everyday". Ask what will make you happy today? For many of us, in order to make room in our life for other dreams, we MUST say "no thank you! or no more!!!!"

Remember we all have been given dominion over this earth. So when you pass from being in the competitive mindset (thinking lack or someone going to out do you) to the creative mindset (you can create whatever you want) you have entered into another kingdom.

Come ENJOY a higher LIFE awareness...HEAVEN ON EARTH...you have been given POWER...but...you MUST BE AWARE...Awaken to Life to understand this MIGHTY POWER

...get up close and personal http://facebook.com/KaninaJohnson

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