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This group will help you learn how to cultivate and best use your intuition (inner guidance) and your psychic abilities for your every day life and also to assist others. You will learn how to listen to, and trust your inner voice or your inner guidance. You will also learn the difference between your Higher voice, or your Higher guidance and your lower voice, or the ego. You will explore tools which cultivate and hone your ability to see, feel, hear and sense beyond the veil, bringing clarity to your inner vision, to your your mind, and to your life.

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Automatic Writing and Channeling Workshop and Demonstration

Greetings Friends! Come join us for a day of connection to your Higher Self and the many Ascended Masters, Angels and Guides who wish to bring you messages of Love and Encouragement. You will learn to channel through automatic writing and channeling. We are all channels for Source energy. In this workshop, you will learn to focus and connect to your Highest Guidance for messages of Love and Healing for yourself and others. The exercises in this workshop will help you with expanding your consciousness as well as purifying your energies. This workshop will cover: Preparation for channeling, Attunement to Higher Energies, Discernment, Grounding, Intention, How to channel for others and more. Sharon will also demonstrate with a voice channeling session from a High Energy Being or Beings with messages of Love and Healing. We hope to see you there! $28.00 paid in advance here paypal.me/SharonSanandaKumara Fee goes up to $33 at the door. Note: Sharon Sananda Kumara has been a conscious channel for the Archangels and Ascended Masters since the year 2003. She has brought through hundreds of messages of love and healing for her clients, for groups, as well as for her own personal growth through voice channel and automatic writing. http://www.sharonsananda.com

NE Portland Metaphysical Healing and Psychic Fair - Free admission

Come join us for our Light Journeys Metaphysical Healing and Psychic Faire in NE Portland at The Gem! We have many gifted energy workers, readers and vendors available and ready to be of service. The doors open at 1:00 pm. We will be open until 7:00 pm. All of our practitioners will have their own stations with their own fees and sign up sheets for one-on-one sessions. They include: Psychic and Mediumship Readings Past Life Readings Angel and Spirit Guide Readings Soul Song Sound Therapy Healing Reiki Healing Quantum Energy Healing Usui Holy Fire Reiki Healing Tarot and Domino Fusion Readings Transformational Energy Healing (TET) Personal Spirit Orb Photo Booth Aura Photos Gem and Jewelry vendors...and more We would be honored to have you join us! Namaste' Sharon Sananda Kumara https://www.facebook.com/healingfaire/ www.sharonsananda.com Note: if you are interested in being a practitioner at the Faire, either send me a message thru Meetup or email me at [masked]

An Evening of Messages from Spirit!

The Sage Healing Center

Join us for an evening of Messages from Spirit with the help of Sharon and her gifted psychic-medium partners. They will bring through messages of love and support from your loved ones and your guides and angels. $12 in advance pay here https://paypal.me/SharonSanandaKumara or thru Venmo to Sharon Sananda. $17 at the door. Sharon Kumara has a successful practice as a Psychic Medium and Hypnotherapist in the Portland area. She has been helping clients with connection to their loved ones and guides and angels since 2004. Visit http://www.sharonsananda.com for more information about Sharon.

Learn How Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming Can Enhance Psychic Abilities

If you're interested in learning how to have OBE's and Lucid Dreams in a safe environment, or maybe kick start your OBE and Lucid Dreaming abilities again...or if you're just curious, then this workshop is for you! In this workshop, you'll learn and explore with like-minded explorers. You'll learn (remember) how conscious non-physical exploration will greatly accelerate your spiritual progress. I'll be presenting the many facets of the Out of Body Experience (OBE) and lucid dream experience, and also how to attain the 'out of body' state. We will be focusing on actual proven OBE methods during our exercises. Exercises I've learned from 18 years of my own Out of Body Explorations, and from my extensive research in the area of conscious dreaming and astral travel. Some things you can achieve thru OBE's: Connection with crossed over loved ones, meet your Guides, alleviate fear of death, experience higher dimensions, travel to anywhere on the planet and other planets and galaxies, experience past and future lives, visit people and places on the physical plane and have it verified, enhance your psychic abilities...the list goes on and on. We hope to see you there! “To experience spiritual liberation we must transcend the labyrinth of form.” William Buhlman $28 if paid in advance here https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/SharonSanandaKumara ) or thru Venmo to Sharon Sananda . Fee is $33 at the door. What to bring: An Open mind A journal or notebook to record your experiences There is plenty of parking at Gem Studio in the parking lot in front of the building. Sharon continues to document & work deeply with, & always learning from her hundreds of OOBE's since consciously inducing them in the year 2000. Sharon has a successful practice in the Portland area as a Psychic-Medium, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Therapist, Channel, Speaker, Metaphysical Teacher, & Student, Paranormal Investigator & the founder of Light Journeys Metaphysical Faire & The NW Academy of Metaphysics. Sharon has been helping people remember their True Self since 2004. www.sharonsananda.com

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An Evening of Messages from Spirit

Gem Studio

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