What we're about

• Do you or do you know someone who struggles to find, sustain and enjoy healthy relationships?

• Do you or do you know someone who found, is sustaining, and enjoying healthy relationships?

• Did you know that the majority of people actually struggle to find, sustain and enjoy healthy relationships?

Imagine if there was a place where you could learn how to find, sustain, and enjoy that tremendous relationship you always wanted and be guided by an experienced professional.

You don't have to imagine it any longer, because in this group we learn how to find, sustain, and enjoy healthy relationships with the guidance of Professional Relationship Coach Gary Jay. Through a combination of fun interactive workshops, tools, strategies and group support facilitated by Gary Jay, we uncover the roadblocks that help stop you from working against yourself.

This group is ideal for those looking for, in, or getting over a relationship.

Membership in this group requires:

• Your commitment to attend group events.

• To respond to emails

• And most important that you are serious about learning how to find, sustain, and enjoy relationships; a commitment to learning about solutions that stop you from working against yourself.

Virtual Events:

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About Gary Jay

“It's not enough to motivate, you need to inspire. And you do that by sharing your struggles and how you overcame them. Let the people connect to you and be inspired.”

— Gary Jay

The quote above is what Gary Jay has been doing personally and professionally for over four decades. Gary Jay is not just a trained and experienced professional but is someone who has personally worked through the challenges you now embrace. There was a time when Gary Jay couldn’t get out of bed and consistently work. His personal life and finances were in shambles. Gary Jay had to learn how to identify and work through the very roadblocks you are going through to get, hold onto, and enjoy more pleasure, satisfaction and success in his business and personal life.

Gary Jay has not only achieved incredible results in his life, but has been professionally committed to helping children and adults. For the past 40 years Gary Jay has been on a journey helping adults and children to achieve greater pleasure and satisfaction in their personal, school and working life with more than 20,000 logged coaching/counseling hours.

Whether coaching one to one, working with small groups, or larger organizations, Gary developed special techniques to make the small changes that made the biggest difference in peoples’ lives.

Gary Jay’s professional training and experience includes a Graduate Master’s Degree in Guidance & Counseling, more than ten years post graduate advanced study in how our mind and body work; psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Gary was a licensed security and insurance agent; financial planner. He held the positions of CEO of Equishare Resources Inc, Director of Summer Intervention Programs for NYC children, and is currently the founder and CEO of Solutions that Really Work. Gary Jay is an accomplished Author, Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Trainer, Facilitator, and even singer-songwriter.

Gary Jay has the skill to show us how to uncover, understand, and either remove or get around our hidden roadblocks. He learned that you need to know how to use a tool and when to use it. To know the right solutions and when to use them is both a science and an art.

Together you and Gary Jay will identify and better understand the annoying and often painful struggles in life and change them into pleasurable solutions that really work. Gary Jay develops “Solutions That Really Work” that stops you from working against yourself. Tools and strategies that assist you to get, hold onto, and enjoy more pleasure, satisfaction, and success in your personal and work life.

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