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Make real music How to Play Everything is for Makers of all ages who want to make things with which they can make music and then to make real music together. Over 35 years ago Dallas Cline inspired a generation of DIY musicians with How To Play Nearly Everything, her book about making and playing home-made instruments. This book is now the inspiration for LA Makerspace’s new DIY music group, How To Play Everything. Too many of the musical DIY projects are built for their novelty alone. We will have fun playing REAL MUSIC on ... everything! We’ll hack music at every level. We’ll build and play simple instruments, like kazoos, optical theremins and detergent bottle ukuleles. We’ll tackle more complex instrument projects, like marimbas, digital midi voices and controllers, analog voltage-controlled synth modules and controllers, and real theremins. We’ll learn and apply the principles of acoutsics, electro-acoustics, analog audio, digital audio and digital signal processing. We’ll hack music itself, taking apart and reassembling musical scales, musical forms and instrument tunings. Our first meeting, If You Can’t Play The Jug You Can’t Play With Me, explores the “found” instruments of a traditional jug band. Once the group get going we’ll follow the interests and expertise of the participants. We anticipate a lot of sharing, mentoring, group hacking. And lots of fun creating the “Music for the Maker Movement”.

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If You Can’t Play The Jug You Can’t Play With Me

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