What we're about

1. What are the benefits?
Listen to how others make profits, and then apply to your own situation

2. Why should I reveal the secrets of my business or investments?
Because the more you share, the more others will also share. Dont be afraid of others copying your idea. http://www.forbes.com/sites/work-in-progress/2013/07/25/5-ways-to-share-your-professional-expertise-and-4-reasons-you-should/

3. I dont have much to share, can i still come?
Yes, listen and benefit freely. 4. Why are you doing this?
To learn concrete knowledge on income sources. In turn, i share my knowledge and strategies which have worked. Be open hearted.


cross-sharing and empowerment group to help each other learn about concrete tactics and actual tools to increase income and wealth.


- investments, e.g. stocks, dividends
- value-creating, e.g. businesses, tuition centers, etc.
- can be creative, e.g. laser-tag zombie events

- preferred are: passive income types of income sources (businesses which are able to auto-pilot or require less effort in the daily grind)


businesses can require alot of hard work at the start and be on auto-pilot later


we are not affliated with any organisation

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