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How to CoBuy a House with Your Friends, Family or Partners
Whether you are interested in meeting other co-buyers, or you are interested in learning how to stop renting and become a co-owner of a property yourself, this is the place. We'll have some co-buy experts on hand to answer your questions in a stress-free environment. Possible topics of discussion: -What happens if someone leaves a CoBuy early? -How do you split ownership of a property if each party brings a different amount of money to the table? -How do I find CoBuy suitable properties in Seattle? Come with your questions and be ready to meet other co-buyers like yourself.

Novel Office Pioneer Building

600 1st Avenue · Seattle, WA

What we're about

This is the group for anyone wanting to learn about buying property with others, whether friends, family, partners or other investors.

Your goal may be to stop renting, to create your own community, or to get into investing. No matter which, buying a home with others can be a smart and viable option, especially in today's market.

If you are considering co-buying a home or are just curious how it would work, we invite you to drop by our meet-up to get to know experts who can guide you through the journey or other co-buyers looking for a perfect match.

Potential topics for discussion:

- The many ways to "own" property together
- CoBuy Mortgage and Lending Primer
- CoBuying with international friends and family
- How to spot a hot CoBuy home on the market
- Preparation and Planning: Step by Step Plan
- How to build agreement among your CoBuyers
- How to Find Other CoBuyers

For many, CoBuying represents a great intermediate step between renting and buying alone.

This group meets at the CoBuy Office in Pioneer Square. CoBuy is a company founded on the idea that access to property needs to be democratized and more accessible to all. We host meet-ups to connect co-buyers and help educate them on the best way to co-buy and co-own property together. These events are free to the public.

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