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Special Event: How to Get Over a Traumatic Event
Painful things happened in our past can have a profound effect on us. Have you ever had a loved one pass away? Have you ever been through a terrible relationship? Have you ever lost a job, a position, or a business? Have you ever lost a pet, a house, or something dear to you? Have you ever been traumatized by association with certain people? Have you ever been severely injured or heavily drugged? If you have, then you know how damaging these experiences can be on a person's emotional wellbeing. In fact, even thinking about these incidents can be mentally painful. Time, unfortunately, is not the great healer it has been cracked up to be. That's why it's so important that you come to this special class and find out what you can do to help yourself, or someone you care about, to become mentally free of these incidents. Come to this special free class and find out about the mental technique that has helped tens of thousands of people FULLY get over their traumatic experiences. Everyone is welcome.

Church of Scientology Mission of San Jose

1083 S Winchester Blvd · San Jose, CA

What we're about

This is a group where we can learn how to interact well with others--whether we like them or not--and how to improve the relationships in our lives. Sometimes we've had to talk or work with someone else, and it just didn't go well--and now we have to talk or work with them again. Some of us have relatives that cause us to dread holiday gatherings. And then there're those who've been on dates and just couldn't seem to get a real conversation going. If any of this is happening in your life, and you'd like to improve your abilities in such situations, then this group is for you.

This group meets at a Scientology Life Improvement Center where I am a volunteer. All are welcome.

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