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Every time I talk to entrepreneurs about funding the conversation always revolves around 2 things, their pitch and how to get to investors. But getting funded requires so much more...

Getting a startup funded is hard work. You have to make a lot of preparations before you can even talk to investors. And even then, you'll probably here so many no's before you even get close to a yes.

The funding journey starts much earlier than working on your pitch deck. There are certain steps you have to take in a specific order if you want to maximize your chances of reaching the finish line with an investment secured.

Here is a list of some of the steps you'll have to go through:

• Getting your company ready for an investment

• Researching relevant investors and ways to approach them

• Defining your story and building your pitch deck

• Your pitch tour

• The entire Due Diligence stage (this is where most promising investments fail)

• Negotiations & Closing

The purpose of this group is to educate entrepreneurs about the funding process and give you tools to navigate through this challenging journey, maximizing the chances you'll finish it with your hand on top.

Join us as we crack the code on getting funded.


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