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The whole world comes to Dublin to socialize! They WANT to meet you, whoever you are and wherever you come from. But for the MAJORITY of us today, meeting people in the wide-open public is strangely difficult. We will help each other learn how to "work a room", while having GREAT FUN ourselves!

* If you have too much social anxiety to say a single word to a stranger, PERFECT! We have some pleasant and low-stress ways to get you up to "Hello" level.

* If you are Mr or Ms Popular, the life of every party, and you never fail to get everyone laughing out loud even at funerals, then you can be our GURU!

* If you are somewhere between the above two groups, EXCELLENT! We are all trying to "level up" ourselves.

Wouldn't it be great if you could travel to a new city or country, go to a club or bar, and leave a few hours later knowing the life story of half a dozen new friends?! That's the goal. We will practice on each other, share tips and insights, and will have "missions" that are fun and a bit challenging, designed to take us from wherever we are to the next level of social skill.

One clarification: This is not about pickup nor seduction. Those endeavors imply that you WANT SOMETHING from your new acquaintances, which is the polar opposite of what we are doing here. We are all about CREATING HAPPY EXPERIENCES for the people around us. Having said that, there is no doubt that having a phenomenal social life improves ones love life enormously; but this is a side-effect, not the goal.

Get ready to expand your world!

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