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Do you have an idea to start a nonprofit organization but do not know how to start?
Do you run a small nonprofit and want to secure more funding?

Starting a nonprofit organization is not easy and the work you do will affect the lives of the people you serve. Like any business, nonprofit organizations need to strategically plan their activities to succeed and determine the best approach to achieve their goals.

Our workshops are designed to provide early-stage and grassroots nonprofit organizations with the first infrastructure steps needed to run a successful organization based on best practices, understanding of the complexity of the sector and how to best serve their communities.

We will be hosting workshops throughout the year on different topics relevant to small and grassroots nonprofit organizations. Please feel free to post questions for us and we will reply or contact us through our web page.


This workshop is taught by the founder of Mockingbird Incubator. We will also invite experts on different related topics. Visit our web page for more information about us, our trainers and our programs.

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Strategic Planning in Action for Nonprofit Organizations, Los Angeles

Owl Bureau, Los Angeles


Strategic planning is not static. It’s iterative. This workshop will explore how to effectively use your strategic plan to support your organization’s growth instead of letting it collect dust on your desk. About this event At this event, you will learn how to put your strategic plan into action and use it to achieve your goals. Strategic Planning is not a static process, and your organization needs to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your plan and adjust your strategies in real time. You might have spent a lot of time perfecting a compelling strategic plan, but no matter what stage you’re in, you ALSO need to put your strategic plan into action. From asking your board for help to reporting on the effectiveness of your strategic plan, our workshop will help you determine how to use your plan in advancing on your mission. This event is open to any nonprofit leader, no matter your organization size or stage. Whether you are an early-stage organization or you want to take your organization to the next level, you will walk away with a clear plan and concrete resources to make your strategic plan work for you. This workshop covers: Getting your board on board 101 board management for strategic success How to effectively evaluate your organization? SWOT Analysis When and how to ask for help? Facilitation techniques for getting people on board. How do you know if your Strategic Plan worked and how to respond to change? This workshop is part of our Mockingbird Incubator Program. Mockingbird Incubator provides a flexible 9-step program designed to put in place the infrastructure nonprofits need for sustainable growth and measurable impact. To learn more about our program visit www.mockingbirdincubator.org or email us at [masked]. If you missed our previous training on Goal Definition and Strategic Planning for Early-Stage Nonprofits we provide a Strategic Planning Toolkit to help you get started. Visit https://www.mockingbirdanalytics.com/nonprofit-tools or contact us if you need help.

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