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Do you have a great product, service, or personal brand, but struggle to communicate your story effectively?

Are you a passionate entrepreneur who knows you need to use video in your marketing strategy but feel like every time you turn on a camera, you don't know where to start? Are you struggling to maximize the full potential of video to capture more than just product or service information?

Our workshop empowers you to tell your own story in an engaging and effective way.

In this workshop, we explore how to develop your unique story and tell that story through video in emotionally engaging documentary style short fundraising/marketing videos. Video should tell your story in the ways that only video can do and we walk through how to do this most effectively.

We will review the essential elements of great films and how you can apply these elements to the story structure of an effective marketing or fundraising video. We will watch and compare examples of short videos that make use of video with compelling storytelling techniques and those that don’t. We will also emphasize how to capture your authentic story through documentary-style unscripted techniques with the goal of capturing footage (including testimonials) that can be edited into a short video that tells a complete, compelling, emotionally-engaging story.

We are currently gathering an interest list and will be hosting workshops throughout the year on this topic. We are currently hosting regular workshops in LA and will start in San Francisco if there is enough interest. (And if you can offer a great location to host, please let us know!) In the meantime, please feel free to post questions for us and we will reply.

This meetup welcomes *anyone* who wants to learn; we have a special interest and/or background in:

*Startups of any type seeking investor funding
*Health and wellness products, services, and brands
*Cannabis brands
*Nonprofits and private foundations
*And brands engaged in or considering crowdfunding
*Fashion brands

For samples of authentic brand story videos and video testimonials we have created, please find us at: https://vimeo.com/concurrentproductions

P.S. We will have FUN. :)

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