The advantages of disadvantages

How to Be a Better Human
How to Be a Better Human
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There are three causes of human suffering: the pursuit of the unattainable, avoidance of the unavoidable, and the attempt to separate the inseparables. These illusions are held in two very separate memory sections of the human brain. Understanding both sides will allow you to clearly see that no disadvantage that you have ever had in life was without an equal number of advantages. Seeing both sides is what The Budda would call, the Master. Expanding your vision and seeing how your disadvantages have served you will remove the paralyzing noise from your brain.

What should you come here with?

- Your problems and disadvantages (all your brain noise).

- A notebook, to take good notes.

- An empty cup, (your mind) ready to be filled with new awesome and exciting information that will change your life and others.

What will you learn?

- How to see both sides of the equation.

- How to silence the brain noise.

What will you leave here with?

- You will no longer be a victim.

- You will have your power returned (which always had but couldn't see before).