Relationships 101 - War and Peace

How to Be a Better Human
How to Be a Better Human
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Navigating a relationship will be more fulfilling when you can identify and understand your partner's values and them yours. We will explore the war and peace that underlies each relationship dynamic. Learn why the push and pull dynamic is required for growth and development both spiritually and emotionally. Learn why some of the traits and behaviours in your partner that piss you off live just as powerfully within you in a form you have failed to recognize. This meetup is not for complainers. The root of your problems is YOU. We will find them and give you a way to manage them.

What should you come here with?

- A notebook, to take good notes.

- An empty cup, (your mind) ready to be filled with new awesome and exciting information that will change your life and others.

-Relationship challenges that are fresh on your mind

What will you leave here with?

- A relationship! Even if you came single (Haha, kidding, maybe? Kidding again?)

- The fundamentals of every relationship is a hierarchy of values and how each partner's values serve them and how their values serve the other. Identifying these values for yourself and/or your partner is the first step in cracking the communication mystery and being able to receive/deliver the kind of love that a fulfilling relationship has.

- The languages of love tied intimately into the hierarchy of values; each person receives and gives love differently. Understanding how this plays into the complexity of relationships will serve to simplify them.

- The five primary love languages - how to identify yours and your partner/potential partner's. You will be provided with and taught how to utilize a value linking worksheet that you will be able use in your relationships for the rest of your life.