Finding and defining your purpose

How to Be a Better Human
How to Be a Better Human
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The majority of man kind lead lives of quiet desperation - dying before they have passed. Understanding why you're here, what is important and what isn't, is a critical piece in your overall satisfaction when you look back from your death bed.

What should you come here with?

- The desire to be more.

What will you learn?

- What matters, what doesn't. How to add more of what does and remove what doesn't.

- How to listen to quiet whisper of your heart.

What will you leave here with?

- A homework assignment, an incredibly powerful tool, that will connect your heart and your mind. With that connection you will be able to see a future for yourself that was likely elusive until then. In this state of gratitude, you will write your life purpose and mission statement. This will allow you to meet the prerequisite for an upcoming meetup called, Planning your life.