The Science of Getting Rich

How to Be a Better Human
How to Be a Better Human
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The wealthiest 1% didn't get wealthy by accident. Rather, they placed a value on money and stuck to strict money management guidelines. It is intentional, and you do the same.

What you should bring?

- A notebook, to take good notes.

- An empty cup, (your mind) ready to be filled with new awesome and exciting information that will change your life and others.

What will you learn?

- The secrets of the wealthiest and most powerful people who have ever lived.

- How a strategic and automatic savings system can set you off on your path to financial freedom.

What you will leave here with?

- An understanding of your current financial picture.

- A clear vision of money; that it is neither good nor evil.

- A financial plan that you can implement immediately after this meetup that will propel you towards dreams.