How to set a real goal

How to Be a Better Human
How to Be a Better Human
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Learning to set a "real" goal is a critical component of accomplishing it. Most people set a goal consisting of events in which they cannot control. Ultimately leading to frustrations and unaccomplished goals. We fix this unproductive thinking br training you to understand and create real goals for yourself based on your values.

What should you come here with?

- A clearly defined mission in life you wish to fulfill before you die.

- A notebook, to take good notes.

- An empty cup, (your mind) ready to be filled with new awesome and exciting information that will change your life and others.

What will you leave here with?

-A realistic, complete understanding of what a goal is, and how to create one

-Practical, value based goal linking, that will confirm or deny that the goal you have set is real and attainable and in alignment with your life's purpose.

- A path forward that you can set out on and make progress in the pursuit of your purpose.