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Planning your life (Repeat by popular demand)

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Statistics have shown that the majority of Americans spend more time planning their two-week vacation than planning their own life. There is a reason that most people wander through life and let life happen to them, rather than living out the dreams that are hidden in their hearts. This class is essential for anyone who wants to make a difference in this world.

What should you come here with?

- A list of your most favorite things in the whole world
- The top three things you must complete before you die
- A notebook, to take good notes.
- An empty cup, (your mind) ready to be filled with new awesome and exciting information that will change your life and others.

What will you learn?

- The secrets, patterns, and behaviors of the greatest world changers. How none of what they accomplished was by chance, rather, a vision that was bigger than them and a plan to carry it out.

- As you learned in our stress meetup, we will look at examples of how these world changers were willing to endure both pleasure and pain in pursuit of their purpose because of their grand vision.

- The fundamentals of inspiration: how to identify your life purpose and how to use this as a powerful tool in life planning.

What will you leave here with?

- Each of you will break your lives up into seven areas (if you don't know what these are, stop missing meetups) and create a plan to empower each area.
The Wedge Table
2412 Nicollet Avenue · Minneapolis, MN
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