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Events in this group will be added on behalf of my best friend who is raising money and awareness for the RVI Accute Stroke Ward in Newcastle Hospital.

Having suffered a stroke at the age of only 28 she shares her experience of what it's like to have a stroke and recover from it: “Its not fire - it’s thunder and lightning in your head”. She is one of the most inspiring and creative women you will meet, everything is donation-based as she hopes to begin to raise funds for her project to enhance the Stroke ward with inspiring recovery equipment, instruments, balance boards, brain-healing books, pamper packages and other sensory materials to help patients recover their senses and uplift their moods.

This is a truly worthwhile cause and you are guaranteed to meet some inspiring and wonderful people at the same time.

The words below are hers:

If there’s anything this process is teaching me, it’s to fall in Love with it.

My name is Nieka, I’m 28 and I had a stroke 12 weeks ago. Yeah, it happens to young people - serious.

Tried, but definitely not recommended, my life has now taken a massive plot-twist and I thought this would keep me out of trouble. If I can have a stroke and still tell my story; you, my friends, can do anything. Really. Before this my family, friends and I knew ZERO about strokes and now, my whole world has been turned upside down. I have relearned everything again from being a baby. From the beginning of my recovery, I imagined hosting an exhibition to help me and hopefully others who want to know what a real transformation feels like with nothing to hide behind.

Strokes have devastating consequences and life is just too short not to do what youve always wanted to so here I am with my dream and WELCOME TO MY SECRET DIARY! The stroke has turned me completely inside out, much more than any of my other wild experiences in life. This has been a gift to me and I now want to share it with you. I have documented what's been happening in my mind since the moment I realised I could write again with sound therapy, psychedelic painting, raw, internal thoughts and video footage of how I got my sight back. Here I explore self-doubt and a whole host of mental health conditions as well as celebration, acceptance and fearlessness that came to me shortly after a near-death experience.

Gone are the days of insane perfectionism, creating this whole thing is Life to me; it's not a realised process and neither am I. I am vulnerable in my honesty about where I now exist; an alternate, sometimes magical, fragment of existence that knows no time or space where I make all this stuff!

My aim is to touch as many hearts as possible and then to sneak on in there so I can be with others through their struggles in life (that's every single one of us). Come and learn some real stuff about Life and Love cause you truly belong here - I'd love for you to really believe that about yourself.

****THIS IS A FUNDRAISER! I am raising awareness and resources for my own recovery supporting others and for my beloved accute stroke ward at the RVI who saved my helpless ass because I want the funding to go straight to the source! If you can’t make it but want to donate, you can! Just buy a ticket for whatever you want. I’ve never raised any money before so this is all pretty new to me and I’ve made this event pay what you feel so it’s accessible to everybody.

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