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My "how to follow the heart" workshops will teach you what it means to live from the heart. We will dispel popular myths around this subject and teach you how to truly follow the heart.

I offer free taster workshops for both newcomers and experienced heart followers who are joining us for the first time.

Following your heart is daring to recognise, to go for and to live your dreams, ultimately creating the life you have always desired and becoming the person you have always wanted to be. For the brave-hearted and persistent following these simple teachings will help you do all of this.

Each meetup includes a short meditation and lots of deep clearing to help people connect with their heart, release any blockages and open to the heart's guidance. This process will allow you to connect with, to follow your heart and crucially to clear any fears that come up around doing so allowing you to move forwards in life and ultimately to get what you want.

Simply learning this process to clear fear and issues as they arise, in a quick and easy fashion, is something that is life-changing and that everyone should know.


Beyond attending a taster workshop if you would like to deepen your practice with this work and make your life better I have recently set up a group coaching programme which will meet once per week to help people get what they want in life by following this amazing practice. It includes support outside of the sessions and proactive homework to help you move forward and to embed the tools.

The price for this is £250 / month and the minimum commitment is for 3 months which will allow me to help you make some massive strides forward and to fully embed these life-changing tools.

I also offer a premium 1-2-1 coaching programme which will give you all the personal focus and attention you need to give you maximum progress and support to get what you want. The price for this is £1,000 / month and is also a minimum 3 month programme.

Visit my website to find out more, to view my testimonials and to book a zero obligation taster session.

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