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Hridaya means Spiritual Heart in Sanskrit, Hridaya yoga is the Union with our True Nature, the Spiritual Heart, perceived as the very essence of our being. It’s an invitation for us to live with an open heart in all aspects of our lives, with wonderment and be pure love in this existence of life.

Sharing in our Bedford Hridaya Space Silent Meditation and Hatha Yoga retreats & workshops which are open for all Hearts, with or without experience in meditation &/ or yoga. We will understand in an intimate way the meditative language of the Heart, and experience the stillness and inner transformation that the practice of Silence and living in the present moment bring.

These Meetups offer an opportunity for immersion into our True Nature and are based in Classical Hatha Yoga, simple Buddhist meditative techniques to calm the mind, Advaita (Non-duality) and Kashmir Shaivism.

During our Meditation Workshops we will experientially explore some of various techniques including the Self Enquiry method of Sri Ramana Maharshi, one of the great Hindu sages, and the Guru of the lineage of Sri Mooji.

The riverbank nearby with wonderful trees and the chance to walk makes very special these opportunities to retreat and take part in workshops offered and ultimately to surrender to the Background of Stillness of our True Nature

Hridaya has been a blessing in our lives, bringing up very significant changes, therefore we feel very honoured and very excited to be able to offer the same opportunity, by sharing these beautiful teachings.

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Love Emma

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