What we're about

The goal of Hudson Ferments is to create a welcoming community of home fermenters to explore the wild world of fermented foods and drink together.

We’ll taste each other’s ferments, talk about the process and learn about the culture and history behind the foods. We envision potlucks, workshops, speakers, documentary films, and a yearly fermentation festival. Let’s learn, share, inspire and grow together!

This group is for:
-Foodies interested in unique flavors
-Sourdough bakers
-Fermentation newbies
-Parents who want their kids to eat more probiotic-rich foods
-People interested in Gut health & the health benefits of fermented foods
-People who know about the science and/or cultural history of fermentation
-Gardeners who preserve what they grow
-Brewers, meaders, ciderers
-Advanced fermenters with lots of ongoing projects
-Occasional makers of yogurt, kimchi, kombucha...

Fermentation is one of the oldest food preservation methods still used today. Beer, sourdough, kimchi, kombucha, kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut and many other delicious foods we love are the product of fermentation. They’re filled with health benefits and unique flavors.

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Departed Soles Brewing Company

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October FALL HARVEST Meetup

Aspen Market Pl

Hudson Ferments: BACK TO SCHOOL Meetup

Aspen Market Pl

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