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Santa Claus on the Walkway
This is not a meetup event per se, but I'm announcing it here in case some of the meetup members would like to attend. This is one that NYC members can get to directly from the Metro North Poughkeepsie train station. (However, there is a 1 and 1/4 mile walk from the train station across the bridge to the other side where we will be). The Little Brays of Sunshine will be joining Santa and his sleigh on the Walkway Over the Hudson for pictures and to enjoy the view on what will most likely be a brisk Fall day. The donkeys will be decked out in their holiday blankets and hats. Hot chocolate and refreshments will be available for sale by Walkway vendors at the entrance to the Walkway. Note: We may end up walking across the bridge at the end if there are people and donkeys willing. However, most of the event will be gathering on the bridge for photos and visiting with the donkeys. Of course, you are welcome to break off and do whatever you wish. We use the rail trails frequently for this meetup, so this is our way of supporting their efforts to provide and maintain them. Photos from the 2016 Santa on the Walkway (

Walkway over the Hudson State Historic Park - West Entrance

87 Haviland Rd. · Highland, NY

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    (For those interesting in working more with donkeys, see our community service meetup: Little Brays of Sunshine). (

    Add an interesting dimension to your walks in the Hudson Valley by including a miniature donkey companion. Donkeys are, and have been, one of the most valuable animals to mankind, but also one of the least appreciated and misunderstood. Sweet, calm, intelligent, and strong, they are wonderful trail companions and pets among many other things. Mine make up the Little Brays of Sunshine and serve as therapy donkeys and donkey ambassadors visiting nursing homes, schools, fairs, etc.

    I have a herd of nine miniature donkeys and am looking for others who want to join me on walks with them around the Hudson Valley. I've found that the people who can appreciate them are generally great people who are fun and interesting.

    Miniature donkeys are too small to be ridden by adults. They will be walking, not being ridden. You will be helping to lead them. We will generally be sticking to easy to moderate difficulty walks of duration ranging between 2 to 3 hours.

    Donkeys and experience are not required, but if you happen to have your own donkey, join us!

    If you are new to donkeys, also watch for our "Donkey 101" events scheduled through this meetup. At Donkey 101's, you'll learn about the nature and history of man's most under-appreciated and misunderstood domestic partner and it's the only event where you get to meet all of the miniature donkeys plus their herd-mates which include two large standard donkeys, Max, the pony mule, and Stripes, the zonkey (zebra-donkey hybrid).

    Did you know that donkey milk is closest to human milk? That's just one of the interesting things about donkeys that you'll learn while having fun and getting some exercise and outdoor time with interesting people.

    For more information, see the New Member Info ( page.

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