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First Day Hike on the Walkway!
We were invited back for the fourth year to participate in this event which is one of many being held across the state to support NY State's "First Day Hike" program. For our NYC members, this event is within walking distance of the Metro North Poughkeepsie station (however, to meet up with us, you'll need to first walk across the bridge to join us at the start (about 1 & 1/4 miles), or walk towards the middle and meet us mid-way). This event will be different than most of our hiking events in that I am not setting an attendee limit because I'd love to see as many members participate in this good program and to show the strength of our group. Our group typically represents the largest contingency attending and I'd love to continue that tradition. That can go a long way to leaving a positive impression in the public's mind on the value of sharing the walkway and trails with donkeys. Our members and donkeys have always conducted themselves so well that the Walkway administrators always make a point of conveying to us their appreciation and highlight how many positive comments they've received from others attending the event. Dress Warmly! I can not stress this enough. On the bridge, elevated, in the wind, and with no ground below to maintain heat, it can get much colder than you think. Heed my advice! Every year, several people turn back because they've underestimated the difference in temperature on the bridge vs off the bridge. After you've chosen the winter clothing you plan to wear, go back to your closet and add an extra sweater (or coat, etc) and gloves, scarves, and a hat if you are not already bringing one. And then repeat that process. :-) Unless it is unusually sunny and no wind, you will thank me. Presuming a lot of members show up, this is not an event I can guarantee any time leading a donkey and please plan on that. The actual event begins at 2:00pm. I will be there with the donkeys approximately 1:30pm for those who want to spend some time with them. We will be parking along the shoulder of the road and will be down there for about 15-20 minutes getting the donkeys dressed before we walk up to the west entrance.

Walkway over the Hudson State Historic Park - West Entrance

87 Haviland Rd. · Highland, NY

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    (For those interesting in working more with donkeys, see our community service meetup: Little Brays of Sunshine). (

    Add an interesting dimension to your walks in the Hudson Valley by including a miniature donkey companion. Donkeys are, and have been, one of the most valuable animals to mankind, but also one of the least appreciated and misunderstood. Sweet, calm, intelligent, and strong, they are wonderful trail companions and pets among many other things. Mine make up the Little Brays of Sunshine and serve as therapy donkeys and donkey ambassadors visiting nursing homes, schools, fairs, etc.

    I have a herd of nine miniature donkeys and am looking for others who want to join me on walks with them around the Hudson Valley. I've found that the people who can appreciate them are generally great people who are fun and interesting.

    Miniature donkeys are too small to be ridden by adults. They will be walking, not being ridden. You will be helping to lead them. We will generally be sticking to easy to moderate difficulty walks of duration ranging between 2 to 3 hours.

    Donkeys and experience are not required, but if you happen to have your own donkey, join us!

    If you are new to donkeys, also watch for our "Donkey 101" events scheduled through this meetup. At Donkey 101's, you'll learn about the nature and history of man's most under-appreciated and misunderstood domestic partner and it's the only event where you get to meet all of the miniature donkeys plus their herd-mates which include two large standard donkeys, Max, the pony mule, and Stripes, the zonkey (zebra-donkey hybrid).

    Did you know that donkey milk is closest to human milk? That's just one of the interesting things about donkeys that you'll learn while having fun and getting some exercise and outdoor time with interesting people.

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