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What we’re about

This is a group for anyone who wants to spend some time away from the many distractions and stresses in life. It is a time to turn off the phones and enjoy the present moment in the woods with no objective other than to allow ourselves that moment of self-care. Hikes will vary from easy to intense to allow all levels of experience and health. Short wanderings, day hikes, or over-night/weekend retreats available and lead by a trained life coach. Inexperienced hikers most welcome!

Forest Bathing or Forest Therapy is not a traditional therapy session.  The forest is the therapist and we are all present to allow ourselves a moment of self-care, free from the distractions and stress of our daily modern lives. I'll be sharing more on this soon!

This is intended to be a safe and judgement free zone.  There is no specific "type" of person for this group other than someone who feels the need to get outdoors.  Professionals, stay at home parents, New Age types, non New Age types.. pretty much anyone who is respectful is welcome!

Private sessions are available and I invite you to help build a supportive community of others seeking peace of mind.

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